Gillian Robertson did not step into the octagon at UFC Fight Night Boston expecting to lose. Coming off of back-to-back victories in which she was able to finish both opponents, Robertson had every intention of proving the doubters wrong.

Unfortunately, defeat against a tough opponent such as Maycee Barber is often a part of a fighter’s climb to the top. Robertson has replayed the fight in her head since that time, questioning what she could have done to get a different result.

“Those last final moments just keep replaying in your head over and over,” Robertson told The Painted Lines. “I was fine, I wasn’t knocked out. I had minimal damage after the fight, so you just go through your head, just replaying those moments of ‘What could I have different to show him that I was okay?’ That I was still there, you know? From my point of view, I would’ve kept on fighting. I was still there, I was still 100 percent. But I was obviously in a compromised position. I was obviously taking heavy shots, and the ref felt it necessary to stop it.”

Need for Recovery

Since that time, “The Savage,” as she is known, has taken the time to heal. Robertson stated that she jammed her finger ten days before the fight causing it to swell. Robertson also needs the swelling to go down in one of her toes before she can get back to training.

Still, all she can think about is getting back to the gym to improve her skills.

“All I want to do is get back to training. The only people I want to see are my coaches right now. I just want to get back in the gym. Right now my body just can’t with my finger and my toe being really swollen. I can’t really use my hand or push off on my feet too much. I would be in the gym all week long if I was 100 percent; that’s all I want to do right now. The gym is my happy place, and that’s where I’d be if I could right now.”

Moving Ahead

While she knows that her body needs to heal before she makes a cage return, Robertson can’t help but think about getting back to competition. Robertson has a few names in mind for her next opponent, but she won’t go as far as choosing one.

“Anyone. I had a 100 percent different trajectory for myself before this. It’s just kind of taking a step back, and I’m not really sure of any matchups that I’m looking at, but obviously there are a lot of girls out there, and I’m down for anyone. I want to focus on myself, but even if a fight comes before the end of the year, I’m taking it.

“I don’t think that after that fight they’ll give me a ranked opponent. Realistically I’m looking at someone who’s coming off of a loss too. I don’t know, maybe Montana de la Rosa or Rachael Ostovich. Or if they’re bringing in a newcomer, someone like that.”

Despite the setback, Robertson believes she is still on a path to greatness. With less focus on her opponents during camp and more focus on her own game, Robertson believes a flyweight belt is in her future.

“No matter what, I know I have what’s capable to be champ. I know I have that in me. You’re just going to see a better and better fighter every single time I go out there. Nothing drives me more than a loss. No matter what, I’m still in the gym on Monday, but there’s something about that fire behind a loss that gets you back in there. Just a different passion, a different way of looking at things.

“There’s no girl that’s ever going to make me feel this again.”