Elton Brand has been the Sixers’ GM since September 2018. There has been a common trend behind all of Brand’s personnel moves. 

When you think of Elton Brand you no longer think of him as a player; but as a GM. Brand has made his fair share of moves while being at the helm of the Philadelphia 76ers. A lot of people may think of his first big splash — Jimmy Butler. Some may think of huge trade deadline deal that acquired Tobias Harris. Most will still have the drafting of Matisse Thybulle in their minds. 

You can go on and on with listing trades or moves that Elton Brand has done, but if you stop and look at all the players that have been acquired by Elton Brand you see a massive trend — literally. 

Let me explain and lay it out. Here’s a list of every player acquired to date by Elton Brand during his tenure as a Sixers’ GM: Jimmy Butler, Justin Patton, Haywood Highsmith, Corey Brewer, Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanovic, Mike Scott, Jonathon Simmons, James Ennis III, Greg Monroe, Matisse Thybulle, Marial Shayok, Josh Richardson, Al Horford, and Kyle O’Quinn. 

What do all of those players have in common? It’s quite simple when you think about each one: they all have length. 

All of the players above have massive wingspans and/or are capable of defending multiple positions in today’s NBA. You don’t see any small guards anywhere, and we have yet to see the Sixers pursue one in free agency. 

Take a look at the current Sixers’ roster and their wingspans:

Smith 6’10, Richardson 6’10, Ennis 6’11, Scott 6’11, Harris 6’11, Simmons 7’0, Thybulle 7’0, Milton 7’0, Shayok 7’0, Horford 7’1, Bolden 7’3, O’Quinn 7’5, Embiid 7’5.

It appears as Elton Brand and the Sixers’ front office is keeping the trend going of this; as they recently signed Al Horford and traded for Josh Richardson. Assuming they will be in the starting five next season, the smallest player in the starting five with be Richardson at 6-foot-6. 

The Sixers are in a current need of a back up point guard, however. As of right now it appears TJ McConnell will be moving on. It will be interesting to see how Elton Brand addresses that need at back up point guard. It’s likely he will look for a lengthy type of player to run the offense while Ben Simmons’ sits. 

A possible target would be Memphis’ forward Kyle Anderson. He is a good size at 6’9 and has shown flashes of being a point forward for both the Grizzles and San Antonio Spurs. While shooting isn’t a big strength of his he is capable of being a slasher to the rim; much like Ben Simmons. Anderson is on contract for three more seasons at a reasonable $9 million a year.

Look for Elton Brand’s trend to continue as the Philadelphia 76ers look to fill out their four remaining roster spots.