After a long off-season, the Eagles finally took the field on Thursday night. The Eagles ended up losing 27-10. Just like every preseason game there is the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s start off with the good.

The Good

1) Andre Dillard

Andre Dillard did a fantastic job tonight. For his first ever professional game of football, you wouldn’t have been able to tell that he was a rookie. Lane Johnson was not wrong when he said Dillard could go out and start right now. Here are some clips (Via Gayle Saunders on Twitter) from Thursday night’s game that show just how special of a talent Andre Dillard really is.

This is exactly why the Eagles traded up in the draft this year to get him. Even without an immediate need, the Eagles felt that this was an opportunity that they couldn’t pass up. This is very exciting to see from the future starting left tackle in just his first game of professional football.

2) JJ Arcega-Whiteside

With no Alshon Jeffery, DeSean Jackson, and Nelson Agholor, JJ Arcega-Whiteside had a big opportunity to show everyone how talented he is. On the second play of the game Arcega-Whiteside almost made an outstanding diving catch from Sudfeld. Arcega-Whiteside had the Titan’s CB beat but just couldn’t come down with the ball. He ended his night with two receptions for a total of 23 yards, that’s a solid start for our fourth string wide receiver. Here’s a clip (Via Gayle Saunders on Twitter) of one of JJ’s receptions that move the chains on 3rd down.

3) Dallas Goedert 

We all know what TE Dallas Goedert can bring to the table. Goedert really shouldn’t be playing in these games but he is still second string behind Zach Ertz and there are not that many tight ends on the team. Catching 3 passes for 50 yards Goedert was out dominating in the passing and even in the run game. Run blocking was something that was considered a weakness going into his rookie season however Goedert has seemed to change that opinion. It will be very excited to see Goedert continue to develop entering his second year.

The Bad 

1) Josh Adams 

There is little room for error for any running backs fighting for a roster spot and Josh Adams isn’t helping his case. Adams’ biggest weakness was holding onto the football last year and he showed that again in Thursday nights game. There is a reason why Wendell Smallwood continues to make the roster every year and that’s because you can trust him. Josh Adams on the other hand can’t be trusted with holding onto the football. Josh Adams needs to finish the preseason strong for him to even have a chance at making the 53 man roster.

2) Miles Sanders 

Miles Sanders had a very poor performance tonight. Sanders ran the ball three times for a total of four yards. Don’t be worried about Sanders however. The offensive line consisted of all backups tonight and didn’t give Sanders much room to work with. Sanders also played with the special teams, showing his versatility. Expect Sanders to produce more in games two and three where most of the starters should be in. 

The Ugly

1) Clayton Thorson 

I mean is there anything to say about his performance last night. Thorson completed only 2 of his 9 passes for only 7 yards. He honestly looked lost out there. It was laughable how bad he was and this pick will continue to be a huge question mark for the Eagles if Thorson can’t show any promise. As of right now in my opinion there is no spot for Thorson on this roster.

2) Nate Sudfeld

Now Sudfeld isn’t here for his performance he is here for the injury he suffered which requires surgery. This injury leaves a big hole to fill regarding the backup QB position and the other two QB’s on this roster haven’t not given us any hope. Overall Sudfeld played really well with his big highlight being the 75 yard bomb he threw to Marken Michel. Sudfeld threw for 177 yards completing 10 of his 18 passes. Hopefully Sudfeld can have a speedy recovery because if Wentz goes down the Eagles are in big trouble.

Paul Turner Preseason MVP Award

This year we are keeping track of what we call the “Paul Turner Preseason MVP Award”. Here is who is in the lead at the moment. After last night the leader of the MVP race goes to Marken Michel. Michel brother of Patriot’s RB Sony Michel caught a 75 YD touchdown pass from Nate Sudfeld, scoring the first and only Eagles’ touchdown. Keep an eye out for Michel and any other potential MVP candidates for the next three preseason games. 


Next Game: 8/16 7:00 PM at Jacksonville Jaguars 

I mean Carson Wentz has to start right? There’s no way they won’t let us see Carson Wentz and Nick Foles go head to head in week 2 of the preseason. It should be a fun one don’t miss it!