“Part of the journey is the end.” -Tony Stark 

If you haven’t see the new Avengers: Endgame trailer, here you go.

It opens with Stark in the bleakest of situations, drifting through space, and he’s sending his farewell message to his love, Pepper Potts. Like Stark, the Eagles can only do so much to extend their lives, and both are at the mercy of others to save them.

Also like Stark and the rest of the Avengers team, the Eagles have put themselves in this situation by making stupid mistakes along the way. For the Avengers it was Star Lord punching Thanos in the face when they all but had the Infinity Stone Gauntlet off of him. 

For the Eagles, the mistakes remembered will be losing so many winnable games this year. Tampa Bay, Tennessee, Carolina, and both Dallas games will be remembered as huge wasted opportunities. The Eagles have blown game after game, especially early this season, in increasingly frustrating fashion.

Fortunately for the Eagles, there are only two itty bitty little things standing in their way to reach the playoffs: Josh Johnson, current washed up Redskins player their management has masquerading as a quarterback, and Kirk Cousins, who has a history of shrinking in big games (basically the opposite of Nick Foles) and is currently 0-5 this year vs teams with winning records. While the majority of experts are picking the Vikings to win, don’t be surprised when the Bears win. 

Things to watch

  1. The amount of Eagles fans at the game: Eagles have to win + the Redskins have absolutely nothing to play for + DC is a relatively short drive away from Philly = a sea of green at Fedex Field. Listen for it to sound like a home game when the Redskins are on offense. Hopefully we’ll see Josh Johnson and the Redskins in the silent count at home.
  2. Bears/Vikings Score: Bears coach Matt Nagy said this week that he is planning on playing his starters because they still have a shot at the 2 seed and first round bye. Watch to see if Kahlil Mack and the gang can help the Eagles out while trying to obtain a first round bye. 
  3. Rams/49ers Score: Nagy’s plan of playing the Bears’ starters could change very quickly if the Rams take a big lead in this game. If the Bears lose their chance to get the 2 seed, they will probably pull their starters. Look for the 49ers to keep the game close, so that Nagy will keep the Bears starters in the game. 

Keys to Victory

  1. Pressure Josh Johnson: The Eagles front four needs to provide Johnson with pressure he hasn’t seen since the early 2010s. Fletcher Cox and Co. should be able to force at least one fumble and at least one interception. 
  2. Trust the Foles: Nick continues to impress, especially in big games. The man flat out wins. How anyone can deny that Eagles play best in big games with Nick at the helm is beyond me. If Nick does put up a stinker, though, the Eagles could be in trouble. 
  3. Jake Elliot: The last time the Eagles came into DC in December with the playoffs on the line, Cody Parkey missed two makable field goals. The Eagles lost 27-24. Jake has been inconsistent in non-pressure kicks this year. Conversely, when it matters most is when he is at his best. Pressure will definitely be high all game so that should bode well for the Eagles. 


You’ll have to wait until April to see if Tony Stark and the Avengers can save the universe and take down Thanos. Luckily, you only have to wait until tomorrow to see how the Eagles’ regular season concludes. 

The legend of Nick Foles will grow. The Eagles will dominate all three phases of the game and will win handily. 

Eagles 30 – Redskins 13

Bonus Prediction 

Bears 23 – Vikings 21

The Eagles season will not end tomorrow. 

To be continued….