Regional Rail Recap

Last week, I mentioned Culture@TPL will cover the Philadelphia Comic Convention, so I recommended a variety of shows to watch. Whether it was Batman the Animated Series or American Pie, each thing are rated about the same: 3 out of 5 Batarangs.

This week, it is all about HBO with Big Little Lies and His Dark Materials.

Big Little Lies – Season 1 (HBO)

Full disclosure, I don’t watch this show, but my wife couldn’t get enough. In order to be fair to all parties, she recommends you binge the first season. Assuming you aren’t living under a rock, this was the show at the awards show last year.

Here’s what I know about the plot: there’s a trivia night, a murder occurs, and the viewer doesn’t know the victim or culprit. So I assume it is a whodunit involving the PTA. I have been to many trivia nights, some that should have ended in a murder, but none involved this level of star power.

Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman were a tour de force bringing Liane Moriarty’s book to life on the silver screen. Sometimes, Shailene Woodley and Zoë Kravitz out-act Witherspoon and Kidman. Hell, there’s even a kid named Ziggy (I assume named after Ziggy Stardust and not the comic strip character).

Stream if…

You have access to HBO, you need something to fill the Game of Thrones void, or if you appreciate movie stars on the tiny screen!

Skip if…

You would rather go into Season 2 blind, or you think the show is Pretty Little Liars but with Moms.

The Golden Compass (Audible / Nearest Library)

If you follow our Twitter feeds (and you should, they’re great), we recently announced @APodHasNoName has picked its next series His Dark Materials:

Ahead of HBO’s multi-season series (I hope), we will podcast about on 4 to 5 chapters a week. Since I was large fan of The Golden Compass, and I had never read the books, I’m excited to join in on the fun.

Here’s what I knew about the series going in: talking polar bears. Here’s what I knew after the movie: talking polar bears.

I believe the books tend to lean somewhere between a children’s book and young adult. However, a child is kidnapped, and that is quite adult in nature. So I’m hoping this series is as fun as Harry Potter, and we hope you enjoy our Book Club!

“Stream” if…

You want to be part of the book club, you need another Harry Potter, or you want to know your daemon.

Skip if…

You don’t do books, you were scarred from the movie, or you are focusing on Big Little Lies this week.

Until next time, happy streaming!