Regional Rail Recap

Last week I was able to get through all of Season 2 of The Expanse! Great show, and I can’t wait to continue forward with Season 3: 360,000 Jawnys!

Sadly, I didn’t realize that Arrested Development wasn’t available for download and I got enthralled with The Expanse, so I didn’t get to Cloak & Dagger either: -40 Jawnys to myself!

Regional Rail Watch

This will be a short commute week for myself, so I’m condensing my week to only 2 things: Guava Island and Kevin Hart’s Irresponsible. That’s right, I watch movies and stand-up on my commute as well!

Guava Island (Amazon Prime)

Here’s why I’m intrigued: I’m a big fan of Donald Glover – ever since his start with Derrick Comedy. With Guava Island, seems like Donald is trying to do his best Jordan Peele impersonation (he’s so hot right now), with a movie about music and drug running? I’ve only seen the trailer.

Oh, and Rhianna is involved too?

Image result for rihanna boom battleship

Stream if…

You’re a fan of Childish Gambino, Fyre Festival Documentaries or Rhianna

Skip if…

You don’t like shows like Atlanta, got offended by This is America, or don’t have Prime

Irresponsible (Netflix)

Philly’s own Kevin Hart is back for another stand-up special. The wife isn’t a big fan, so I get the benefit of laughing out loud in public! 

With a successful movie career, Hart definitely could have tapered back on his stand-up specials. Instead this feels like his 4th Netflix comedy special, and if you told me it was his 10th, I couldn’t refute it. 

Click for the Trailer

Stream if…

You enjoy laughing, Secret Life of Pets, or Real Husbands of Hollywood

Skip if…

You don’t, or if you have to watch it with the S.O.

Next time…

Unfortunately, over the next few weeks my commute will mainly consist of planes and rental cars. Until then, there’s always Cloak & Dagger, the Gotham finale, Game of ThronesVeep, MTV’s The Challenge, and the return of The Amazing Race to keep you occupied!