The Bucketing Strategy

I group my show watching into multiple “buckets” because like most people, I can’t watch everything at once. Luckily, streaming, DVRs, and long commutes help! So 

  • Must Watch Live –  like Sporting Events
  • Must Watch with S.O. – like Game of Thrones and MTV’s The Challenge
  • Can Watch at the Gym – like S.W.A.T. and Re-runs
  • Can Watch on the Train – This is our Bread & Butter
  • Can’t Watch on the Train – sorry Altered Carbon

If I can’t watch a show on the Train (nudity is a no-no on Public Transit) – the show doesn’t make it into the rotation; again, sorry Altered Carbon.

Regional Rail Watch

During Tax Week there will be a lot of shows you can sink your teeth into – Game of Thrones being the top choice for many. However, I’m watching that with the S.O. Sunday night, so I’ve been catching up on The Expanse, Arrested Development, and Cloak & Dagger

The Expanse (Amazon Prime)

This show was pitched to SyFy as Game of Thrones, but in Space. I love Science Fiction, but I couldn’t commit to another show (I usually have 10 shows in the rotation at any given point). However, a lot of my series finaled off, so I needed to start something “new.” I started around April 5th, and I’ve moved quickly through a season each week.

At a high level, because I don’t want to spoil it – Earth, a Colonized Mars, and Colonized Asteroids (Belters) are about to go to war, and it’s up to a few “rebels” to put an end to the tension…

Stream if…

You’re a fan of “world” building, liked Firefly, or Books turned into Series.

Skip if…

You can’t get past Thomas Jane’s haircut or you don’t like Acronyms.

Arrested Development Season 5B (Netflix)

Season 5b is upon us, maybe (Her?) this will finish on a better note than Season 4.

Again, spoiler free, this is a story about a family that keeps getting into trouble while one man tries to keep them together (or something like that).

Stream if…

You’re a fan of “The Blue Man Group”, Illusions, Ozark, and you can get past Jeffrey Tambor’s legal troubles.

Skip if…

You can’t get past Tambor’s problems, you can’t pay attention to minor jokes, or if this is your First Season watching.

Cloak & Dagger (Freeform / DVR on the Phone)

Comic Books are not something the wife enjoys, so I watch all my Marvel/DC/Dark Horse Series on the train. Last week, Cloak & Dagger came back for its second season, and I’m excited to watch them on the train.

Cloak & Dagger are minor heroes in the MCU, but they’re strong allies to Spider-man in the comics. The actors were solid in the first season, the origin story season, so hopefully they can use their powers more frequently as they blur the lines between Hero and Villain.

Stream if…

You’re a fan of comic books, coming of age stories, strong female characters.

Skip if…

You don’t have Freeform/DVR on your phone, not a fan of comics, or if you need a show that is very serious.