Regional Rail Recap

Last week, I rewatched the miniseries, Band of Brothers, and almost finished listening to the audiobook, The Fifth Season. The team at HBO, can add 101 Jawnys (out of a possible 101) to their list of awards, and so far N.K. Jemisin can add 7 rings (out of 10) to her Hugo Awards. 

Next week, I will have the opportunity to interview Kevin Conroy (from Batman: The Animated Series), Thomas Ian Nicholas & Chris Owens (from American Pie), and the Cast of RWBY. To prepare myself, I plan to watch a smattering of their work on my daily commute, and you should too!

Batman: The Animated Series (DC Universe)

A little over two years ago, DC Comics announced it will start its own streaming service where Shows, Movies, and Comics are centralized in one place. For a monthly fee of $7.99, or $74.99 yearly, you can stream all the classic DC content and new shows like Swamp Thing (Click here for MrCrockpot’s Review of Episode 1).

DC Universe is also the place to catch up on over 80 episodes of the critically acclaimed Batman series. I won’t have time to watch them all before next week, but I will do my best to get through 10 or so (thanks, Free Trial!).

Click here for the Trailer
Thanks to HappyDragonPictures I could also just listen to the Theme on Repeat…
Stream if…

You want to hear one of the greatest voice actors of our generation, you love Batman, or if you want to try the DC Universe OTT service

Skip if…

You’re still on The Fifth Season like me!

The American Pie Series

20 years ago, Kevin, Finch, Oz, Jim, Jim’s Dad, Stifler, Stifler’s mom, a pie, and the Shermanator reinvigorated the R-Rated Teen Comedy. This movie made me want to throw parties at a lake house, give great toasts, meet a foreign exchange student, and give myself a nickname (pfantobrain in case you were wondering). Sure, the franchise is most remembered for its explicit content (NSFC – Not Safe for Commute), but there’s quite a lot of real world stuff happening in these movies. Whether it’s watching friends drift apart or father/son dynamics, I’m hoping to find more to love about this franchise.

I won’t be streaming these movies on the train. Instead, I’ll watch them periodically during my morning workouts in the basement, trying not to laugh too hard.

Stream if…

You want to feel nostalgic, you’ve never seen these movies before, or you went to Band Camp.

Skip if…

You can’t get past the “Explicit Content” warning.

RWBY (Rooster Teeth via YouTube)

Chris and I will get the opportunity to also interview the voice actresses behind the anime series RWBY, that’s right, anime! The first question I’m going to ask, “How do we pronounce the show’s title?” My money is on Roo-bee.

I think the series takes on the familiar anime trope of “new girl in a school filled with special individuals.” These webisodes are really quick to get through so that makes it perfect for a commute: run-times ranging from 6 to 12 minutes. And of course, the leads are all female, which again is rare in this age.

Stream if…

You are a fan of My Hero Academia, Soul Eater, or you want to watch a free anime.

Skip if…

You can’t start up a new anime series, aren’t into cartoons, or don’t have access to YouTube.

Next time…

I’m thinking you’ll want to watch The Society (Netflix), Deadwood, or The Wire. The summer is a great time to relive old series or binge new ones, so please send us your binge-able series at Culture@TPL!