LaPatty’s Podcast Episode #10- Kanye Madness with Ethan Bryan and Will Andrews

In the latest episode of LaPatty's Podcast, my buddies, Will Andrews and Ethan Bryan, and I made brackets of every Kanye West song. We spend the podcast going through...

LaPatty’s Podcast Episode #9- Brian Warinner and Bryan Brown

Two of my buddies, Bryan Brown and Brian Warinner, discuss the NBA. They also break down Brian Warinner's Whitman basketball freshman year and much more on the latest episode...

LaPatty’s Podcast Episode #8- Marybeth Delgado, Henry Jones, and Carrington Fastelin

My buddies Marybeth Delgado, Henry Jones, Carrington Fastelin, and I discuss college, Cam Newton, skater culture, and much more on the latest episode of LaPatty's Podcast!

LaPatty’s Podcast Episode #7- Oregon Baseball’s Keaton Chase and Tanner Smith

Oregon Baseball's Keaton Chase, Tanner Smith, and I discuss their expectations for this upcoming season, their favorite memories from last season, their thoughts on the MLB, and much more...

LaPatty’s Podcast Episode #6- Oregon Volleyball’s Morgan Lewis and Taylor Williams

Oregon Volleyball's Morgan Lewis and Taylor Williams discuss their thoughts on the team, the ongoing season, the trip to Europe the team took, as well as their opinions on...

LaPatty’s Podcast – Episode #5: Charles Sudduth, Steve Stephens, Jordan Adeyemi-John, Jevon Holland, and...

Five members of the University of Oregon Football team and I discuss the team, their goals and thoughts on practice and the season as a whole, favorite moments in...

LaPatty’s Podcast – Episode #4: Musings with the Mayor

Reed "The Mayor" Kellar and I discuss the wide world of sports!

LaPatty’s Podcast – Episode #3: Table Talk

A discussion with Wyce Holliday, Thomas Williams, and Mystery Man (guess who) about the upcoming NBA season, 3D transportation, and much more at Shari's.

LaPatty’s Podcast – Episode #2: Winger

Wyce "Winger" Holliday and I discuss college football, the NFL, college basketball, the NBA, the MLB, whether college athletes should be paid, and Hudson Murdoch!

LaPatty’s Podcast – Episode #1: Answering Questions with Colin Brown Vlogs, Oregon vs. Auburn

An introduction of the podcast and my goals, discussion of Oregon vs. Auburn and Oregon basketball, and answering some questions with Colin