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Suit Up covers the gambit of Superheroes within TV & Film. We discuss everything from DC and Marvel comics to Arrowverse and our favorite animated series. Suit Up, brought to you by Dave & Chris, is a love letter to everything Superheroes across mediums & pop culture.

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With the Avengers: Endgame Blu Ray releasing shortly, here are Chris' (@mrcrockpot) top 10 most epic moments in super hero film history. Be sure to let Chris know if you agree or disagree with his list! Make sure to follow @SuitUpTPL on Twitter!
Time to Suit Up! on a Hodgepodge of Topics Here at The Painted Lines, we like to discuss many things, so now Suit Up! is holding its first ever "Hodgepodgecast" (copyright pending). I couldn't do it on my own, so I enlisted TPL's very own Peter Parker Miles Morales: Jack (@JackConnellTPL). First, we discuss cosplay and retro sports jerseys....
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Naaaaaaaaaaaants ingonyama bagithi Baba Sithi uhm ingonyama Bryant, editor of The Painted Lines, joins Deibs to review and break down the latest live action remake from Disney.... The Lion King! Coming soon.... we step out of our comfort zone and bring you an analysis of The Walking Dead!
But wait, there's more! Chris and I had so much fun talking Spider-man: Far From Home, we extended questions to our TPL Community. Christy (@bringmeupmusic) was brave enough to answer the call on these questions: What did you think about the movie overall? How about the Blip? Did you think the actors gave great performances? Which couple is the cutest? Who is actually the...
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Suit Up Night Monkey Spider-Man! Chris and I got the chance to watch Spider-Man: Far From Home over the July 4th holiday, so listen to us rant on: Earth after the Blip Jake Gyllenhaal Cutest Couple J.B. Smoove's Greatest Performance And of course the @USWNT   Chris and I were on 2 different ends of the spectrum, so we settled...
Pixar Forever! Last time, Chris and I dove head first into Toy Story 4, but there was too much content for one pod. We wanted to talk all things Pixar too. The two of us discuss desert island movies, my Finding Nemo boycott, and which story still needs telling. Somehow, we talked a lot about fixing the Cars franchise as well.
Fork Yeah! I decided after the success of the Go-Go-Godzilla Podcast, Suit Up! needed to expanded its universe. Lucky for me, Toy Story 4 and Pixar made sense for the next set of podcasts. So I brought in our self-proclaimed Pixar expert and Suit Up! co-host @MrCrockPot to discuss Toy Story 4, Pixar, Cars, Souls, and Sporks. And just...
Happy Thirsty Thorsday! https://twitter.com/SuitUpTPL/status/1139283676330700802 It's the words of William Shatner: "Connnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" Today was the first day of Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia, and there was a real sense of excitement as The Painted Lines got to meet and greet several key members of the event. As...
I tried for an all X-Men Suit Up! Pod, but no takers. Maybe next time. Instead, please enjoy my SPOILER FREE reaction video to Dark Phoenix. https://youtu.be/0mSfQNWwqIM Yes, I said "Video Chat" -- I'm turning into my father
In Part 2 of a 2 Part series, Dave asks Fan, Jack, and Shane to dig deep and teach us the mythos
In art 1 of a 2 part SuitUp! Special Report, Dave, Shane, Fan, and Jack review Godzilla King of the Monsters Part 2, Suit Up goes into the mythos of Godzilla
@dpfective, @mrcrockpot and @bapter23 finally got around to discussing Endgame - enjoy!