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Suit Up covers the gambit of Superheroes within TV & Film. We discuss everything from DC and Marvel comics to Arrowverse and our favorite animated series. Suit Up, brought to you by Brandon, Dave & Chris, is a love letter to everything Superheroes across mediums & pop culture.

I tried for an all X-Men Suit Up! Pod, but no takers. Maybe next time. Instead, please enjoy my SPOILER FREE reaction video to Dark Phoenix. https://youtu.be/0mSfQNWwqIM Yes, I said "Video Chat" -- I'm turning into my father
In Part 2 of a 2 Part series, Dave asks Fan, Jack, and Shane to dig deep and teach us the mythos
In art 1 of a 2 part SuitUp! Special Report, Dave, Shane, Fan, and Jack review Godzilla King of the Monsters Part 2, Suit Up goes into the mythos of Godzilla
@dpfective, @mrcrockpot and @bapter23 finally got around to discussing Endgame - enjoy!
Brand new episode of Suit Up! Dave (dpfective), Fan (@fansince09) and Chris (@mrcrockpot) do a breakdown of the newest DCEU film Shazam!
Captain Marvel! We finally did it! It took us 3 attempts to get it right, but luckily the delay gave our listeners enough time to go out and see the global phenomenon that is Captain Marvel! The first 40 minutes involve us discussing Brie Larson's journey, bemoaning the Skrull-Kree war, answering some Tweets, and laughing at Goose Tentacles (#GooseTentacles??).  We...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcMBFSGVi1c Well done Feige, you dropped a surprise trailer for Endgame, so the guys needed to SUIT UP earlier than expected! Avengers Endgame Trailer We are excited about the latest footage for Avengers Endgame (or maybe this is a DC trailer). We try to keep...

SUIT UP Podcast #2

Brandon (DC guy, @bapter23), Chris (DC guy, @mrcrockpot), and Dave (Marvel guy, @dPfective) will be diving into the latest Comic Book Pop Culture topics. The Roadmap to Endgame, Part 2 In our second pod, we will focus on Phase 3 of the MCU. Brandon first discusses his thoughts on Thor 1 & 2, Dave gets disappointed in Dr. Strange,...

SUIT UP Podcast #1

Introducing Suit Up Brandon (DC guy, @bapter23), Chris (DC guy, @mrcrockpot), and Dave (Marvel guy, @davepfendt) will be diving into the latest Comic Book Pop Culture topics. The Road Map to Endgame, Part 1 In our first pod, we will look into the impacts Marvel's Phase...