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Paint and Pendulum

Welcome to the Paint and Pendulum! So strap in and buckle(r) up, Grab your maidens and Glaives. What you are about to witness is an immersive collaborative storytelling improvisation.

Paint & Pendulum EP 13 – Once More Into The Breach

Once more, into the breach! The Quintex, licking their wounds from a humbling retreat from the pit of Yuan-Ti, resolve to try again to rescue Olazana's Elven friends. Can...

Paint & Pendulum – Who Wants to Live Forever?

"Who wants to live forever" The aspiring young entertainer sang, strumming her old warped mandolin. The Quintex had come across a roadside camp of travelers heading north, the opposite...

Paint and Pendulum – Aftermath

The Quintex barely survived the trip into the Yuan-Ti Lair. The group discusses what to do with all of the newfound information, do they go and investigate the Chrononomtron...

Paint & Pendulum Episode 2: Wading Into Trouble

We return to the world of Live Play Table Top Role Playing with episode 2! The Quintex has investigated the death of Frederick, the "Hero." The Alderman named Lac de...