Eagles at Redskins 9/10/17

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz may have a slow start to the season. That shouldn’t worry Eagles fans though; this team should still be able to rally around the quarterback and generate wins. In this piece we dive into why Wentz may be slightly rusty to start the season.

The Obvious

Well, the fact is that Wentz hasn’t played an official game since December 9th of 2018. He missed out on potentially seven games of experience under his belt (if you count the two playoff games). He missed those games due to an apparent back injury. He spent some time rehabbing his back up untill OTA’s. That being said, he had a pretty much healthy offseason. Especially, if you compare it to his previous offseason, where he spent all of his time rehabbing his knee.

Carson has gotten a lot of work and reps in during training camp. However, nothing compares to a live game. Carson hasn’t exactly lit it up in this year’s training camp. That’s not a bad thing. Carson set the bar so incredibly high the season he tore his ACL. All indications from that year’s training camp were that Carson was on a path to an incredible season.

So you factor in the games Wentz missed last season, along with the fact he may not play any preseason football this year, and you get a high chance of your franchise quarterback being “rusty” to start the season off. The Philadelphia Eagles and Doug Pederson are in a tough spot. The battle they are facing, on whether or not to play Carson in any preseason games at all, remains a tough one. However, Wentz playing this preseason seems highly unlikely after what happened to Nate Sudfeld.

Silver Lining 

Even if Carson is a little rusty to start the season, this team is far more talented than it was before. Carson no longer has a reigning Super Bowl MVP breathing down his neck anymore either. It may only take a few games for Carson to really get comfortable again. Wentz doesn’t have to play like an MVP for this team to be good. He will have to play close to an MVP level though, if this team wants another Lombardi trophy.

Who knows, whether Wentz plays some preseason or not, he may still play at a high level from the start. I wouldn’t put it past him. The guy spent a large majority of his offseason bettering his game and his body. This team will be a contender with a struggling Wentz. But, if Carson shows flashes of his 2017 season, watch out! You will not want to see this Eagles team if you’re a fan of the team on the other sideline.