Monday morning I had a quick Q&A with Brett Brown and here is the “Mostly Raw” transcription. The Sixers face the Dallas Mavericks at 8:30 pm Tuesday, July 28. Sometimes I like giving just the raw quote with no commentary. The 76ers are preparing to re-launch their final 8 games before the playoffs. So I had a simple question for the Head Coach. 

Jason Blevins

Gonna start really broad. What does success over the next 36 hours look like for you?

Brett Brown

 Success equals, clean, that may not be as much coach-speak as you want. But it’s true anything that equals clean. 
clean on offense, clean defense. You know, an understanding of our words [terminology].

Let’s just go to defense for a second like what’s our tolerance level with and go to say Dallas tomorrow.  What’s our tolerance level with players on their team? What sword are you going to die on and what are you prepared to live with? And so clean defensively, equals a very clear ‘here is the foundation’. We can pivot out of it, and now it’s a scouting report thing. It’s a personnel thing. But it’s clean. The players get it, they understand what sword are we prepared to die on. 

This is the game plan, and it’s the same thing on offense. You know, this is the easiest way to get Joel the ball, this is the easiest way to put the defense into Pick and Roll and we hope they switch, and he ends up with somebody small on him.  Anything that’s clean, tighten that up.  That is what’s most on my mind before you go play your first regular-season game.

Brett Brown Takes Back The Reins