Free use photo from RMTip21 on Flickr

On Thursday night, while many people were watching the NBA draft, Houston fans were tuned into a different event. The Rockets unveiled a complete new uniform set, the first major overhaul since 2002 when Yao Ming was brought to the city. The new changes have everyone on different sides on how they feel. I am here to state my opinion and grade the new uniforms. Expect this to be a common trend with all the new uniforms debuting throughout the season.


There were several major changes to the icon jersey for the Rockets. The Rockets word-mark was redesigned to be bolder and stand out more. The thicker “Houston” arches across the top in double white. All grey has been removed, and black is now the secondary color for this team. Black appears as a thick piping along the side, as well as along the collar and a bit on the sleeves. I like this look and feel that it makes the uniform pop more.

Their old icon jerseys were too plain and boring. Sometimes plain can be played off well, like the Celtics for example, but it just did not look right for Houston. Now with black being introduced majorly for the first time, it has given life in to the new set. The red is also a bit darker which helps the word-mark pop out a bit on the front. Overall it looks way better than the previous set. While it could still improve a little bit, I feel this is a proper revamp of a tired, worn out uniform.

Grade: A-


With the association, like most other teams, the coloring is just swapped and the design is kept the same. Houston goes for red to be the secondary this time around and white the primary. Overall, this is a clean look. They manage to keep a clean look while also being updated at the same time. The colors work so well, and they are even better than the icon by a little bit. There really is not much they can do to top this and will probably be one of the best association jerseys in the league.

Grade: A


This is where Houston really, and I mean really, knocked it out of the park. Fans have been begging for the ketchup and mustard look donned in the 1990’s for several years, and the team finally listened. The iconic look was worn from 1972 all the way through the 1994 season. This is a timeless classic, and you can’t go wrong with it at all. The red jersey with the slanted white “Houston” across the front with yellow outline on the collar. There really is not anything you can do to improve this. Fans have wanted this look to return as the primary, but currently the classic third will have to do for now, and I feel it is a fair compromise. Expect it to be worn several times this season.

Grade: A+


The statement jerseys have returned for now the third season in a row, and while they used to be a bright spot in the group, they have quickly turned into the worst. Now they aren’t bad; they’re just not as good. If you aren’t aware of what they look like, they are all black with a small red lining on the collar. Houston is displayed front and center in white with a thin red outline. It was a change of pace from the former set but just looks dated now. The design frankly looks out of place with the other ones. It is due for a redesign with the other updated looks. Overall it is not a very good look, but it could be worse,

Grade: B-


Overall, this was the move that was needed, and while it was not exactly perfect, it was a major step in the right direction and something that can stick around for the next few years. The Icon and Association are very well done and should age well. The Classic is already one of the best uniforms in the league, and the Statement needs some work in the future. But for the first remodel of the season with Golden State, Orlando, and Oklahoma City rumored to be following suit, this set the standard quite well.

Overall Grade: B+