Best of Philly Sports Live Draft

Who is the best Philly sports star in professional sports history? Which team consists of the BEST OF PHILLY SPORTS? YOU WILL DECIDE! The Painted Lines got together and held a 6-round snake draft. Each team will be placed in a double elimination bracket and duel to the death! Audio and video available below!

Here are the teams…

  • Team Bryant (@BryantBakerTPL):
  • The Dominokafors (@BrianMikeJacobs):
  • Team JR (@JohnRussell215)
  • Pelle’s Belles (@mrcrockpot):
  • Team Rob (@Philly_Madness):
  • Team No Idea LOL (@Ruzzer24):
  • Dana ‘The GOAT’ Barros (@TScabbia):
  • Gus’ Prospects (@guschiiggens):
  • The Stay Homers (@tomds215):
  • Broad street Q-Balls (@QuibellTyson):

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