A friend recently bought a Cameo of Gary Busey as a joke for her partner. Who doesn’t love a good Buseyism? A Buseyism is a goofy acronym posing as pseudo deep thoughts. So as Brett Brown started talking about the Philadelphia 76ers forming a team out of a group that lacked chemistry, I thought “let’s do a Buseyism!” So I bring you, T.E.A.M.–Teacher, Elder, Anchor, Multiplier. Today we focus on “The Teacher” Ben Simmons. 


Ben Simmons, The Teacher

Ben Simmons is not known as a great quote by media. He generally lets his play speak for itself and has a bristling attitude towards hearing the same questions over and over again. But Simmons has been the point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers for most of his career and communication is not optional for a floor general. Over the past month, I have been prodding Ben and his teammates for more insight about what Simmons is like when there are no media around. How does he communicate with teammates? Is he prickly with them? Is he closed off? Or do his teammates see a different side? What I’ve gotten is an interesting perspective.

First, Matisse Thybulle, the Sixers’ charismatic rookie, referenced Ben Simmons as a teacher on the bench during games. On the floor, Thybulle claimed, they are in battle and communication is pretty standard. Off the floor, however, Ben does a lot of teaching and discussing switching rules/responsibilities. The word “Teacher” has been referenced multiple times regarding Simmons over the past month, something very interesting to hear about a young player just 23 years old. 

Glenn Robinson III:

Robinson, who was acquired at the trade deadline in February, echoed Thybulle’s sentiment. I asked GRIII Saturday about Ben Simmons as a communicator and how it related to Steph Curry. His answer was candid and surprising: 

Steph, he’s not vocal all the time he’s just really a hard worker. He shows you by example. I think Ben does the same thing but  for a guy being how young he is, only 23. to be able to lead in ways that he does i think is important and really one of my favorite players that I’ve played with. I was only on the court with him a couple games, so I’m excited to get back out there.

“Like I said,” continued Robinson, “our minds were just thinking alike defensively and offensively. I didn’t have to say anything to him he just threw the ball up a couple times. I was able to get easy buckets and, you know, I remember just a couple of corner threes,” said Glenn, who looks to convert more of those looks in the restart. “He finds you in ways I think the other guys don’t. So I’m very excited to make this push with a guy like him,” said Robinson in a markedly more positive tone than when we last saw him. “I’m excited. I think the sky’s the limit for this group.”

Al Horford’s Perspective on Ben Simmons

“He is becoming more vocal, but really just his ability to find you, his feel for the game.. is a huge strength for us,” said Horford when describing Ben Simmons as a communicator, leader, and floor general. “You are sprinting down the floor and you don’t think he sees you but he finds you, he’s already looking ahead.” Horford, who signed last July, has expressed surprise multiple times at just how advanced Simmons’ mind is for basketball. 

Coming Soon…. The Elder


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