In today’s world, the old rule of the land, innocent until proven guilty, no longer applies. In the age of instant information and large scale social interaction, guilty until proven innocent is the lay of the land. Yesterday in Philadelphia, two camps emerged on social media as allegations arose on Instagram about crimes LeSean McCoy may be in conjunction with. Now stands two clashing houses of those who want to wait to crucify Lesean and those who want to do so immediately. Distancing yourself from this mess is the most important route to take.

The Old Cold Hard Facts

1. In 2013, LeSean McCoy was involved in an incident with a “Mary Roe,” a woman LeSean and his friends sprayed with water on a party bus, along with her friends, but then ditched her alone on the New Jersey Turnpike. After she called the cops, the bus picked her up and then left her at a Turnpike rest stop. She, in turn, sued McCoy for $50,000.

2. In 2014, LeSean was publicly lambasted after he admitted to leaving a $0.20 tip for a waiter.

3. When head coach Chip Kelly decided to trade LeSean for implied character issues, LeSean accused Coach Kelly of being a racist.

4. LeSean McCoy assaulted 2 off-duty police officers in February 2016. One of the Philadelphia police officers suffered a lacerated eye, broken nose, and broken ribs, and the other officer received 8 stitches above his left eye and was left with a possible skull fracture.

5. LeSean McCoy and Delicia Cordon were a loving couple, who together were single parents – LeSean with a son and Delicia with a daughter, Tally, whom LeSean affectionately referred to as “Boo Boo.”

Information Relevant to July 9

Two women were attacked in a home owned by LeSean McCoy. One of the women was Delicia Cordon, on again off again girlfriend of LeSean McCoy. Police say that there was a lone intruder who demanded specific items and assaulted both women, one less so than Delicia. TMZ has published audio of the 911 operator directing police and ambulance crews to the home in Georgia. The operator can be heard explaining that a woman was hit in the head and locked in a bathroom and a phone was stolen. A woman known as Mia has posted an image making claims that LeSean McCoy was involved in a domestic violence altercation with former girlfriend, Delicia Cordon. Delicia and Mia were in London the morning of July 9, but make claims they landed that evening and that the altercation happened a few hours later.


••Supporting LeSean

LeSean has made a claim that he has had 0 contact with both parties for months. LeSean broke up with De, and she stuck inside his home that he owned, despite owning her own homes. This makes her seem a little petty. Delicia is also a mother who was in another country that had yet to see her own child. The child thankfully was not present for the altercation, but this can leave room for thought that she did this to set LeSean up and make him look awful.

••Supporting Delicia

Since the break up, LeSean has tried twice to illegally evict Delicia from the home. He has allegedly changed the security system and not allowed her access to the system. The assailant was able to enter the home without forced entry, and if this is the case, why hasn’t LeSean released the footage if it supports his case.

Information found from the New Jersey Court System Portal:

While living in Evesham Township, New Jersey, LeSean McCoy was charged 3 times between 2014 and 2015 with “False Alarm 5th-6th Offense.” In other terms: Police were called to the home 5-6 times for a domestic matter with no charges being filed. Finally, after the fifth or sixth call, the officers are able to step in and make charges of their own.