After a successful trial in the All-Star Game, should the NBA adopt the Elam Ending in more meaningful games?

Name of Player: Kyle O’Quinn
Position: Center
Level: Reserve
Manager: @PRLopez0904


Initially, I was not excited at the thought of O’Quinn being the primary backup center for Embiid going into the upcoming season, but signing Horford made me like this move much more. O’Quinn likely won’t have to play much in the playoffs. I fully expect O’Quinn to exceed Amir Johnson’s overall production by a wide margin during the regular season. He is better defensively than Amir, and giving him spot starts won’t hurt the team too much on that end of the court. Offensively, he won’t shoot 3’s like Amir did, but he brings some grit and a consistent mid-range jumper. I am excited to see how he will contribute to this Sixers team in 2019-2020.

Goals/Meets Expectations

  • Used as a spot starter for 10-15 games for Joel Embiid during the regular season. Averages 13-15 minutes per game in non-starts.
  • Can shoot the mid-range jumper with some consistency (45% or better)
  • Free Throw Percentage >= 75%
  • Average >= 14 points and 7.5 rebounds per 36 Minutes

Stretch Goals/Exceeds Expectations

  • Averages twice his minutes per game from last season (8.2 min last year)
  • Shoots greater than 50% from 15-24 feet (shot 50% last season from this range)
  • Plays solid enough defense that the team doesn’t get completely obliterated in the playoffs when Embiid goes to the bench
  • Starts dating Kendall or Kylie Jenner – takes her to Saint Joe’s game

Fails to Meet Expectations

  • Shooting falls off and can’t make the open mid-range jumper (< 45% FG%)
  • Free throw shooting falls off and can’t make teams pay for getting too physical with him
  • Can’t spell Embiid in the playoffs at all. Forces team to buy out Greg Monroe from his FC Bayern Munich contract