This week on A Pod Has No Name, Shane and Tom finish part four of the book! Covering chapters 69-75 and the Interludes, listen to our hosts recap and react to the chapters as well as go over: 

  • Where did Syl go 😐
  • Kaladin and Shallan are pushed into a survival situation together 
  • We heard there might be a Chasmfiend around but we probably shouldn’t worry…right??
  • Great banter between two of our protagonists 
  • More Teft backstory!
  • “Oh storms, she smiled anyway.”
  • Shallan has her *badass one-liner* moment
  • The Queen??
  • Eshonai???
  • Taravangian????

This set of chapters was unbelievable! We’re dying to see how part five plays out so keep an eye out for the penultimate WoR pod within the next week or so. As always, thanks so much for listening. Don’t forget to submit any mailbag questions for next week on Twitter @APodHasNoName or on our weekly reddit post over at r/Stormlight_Archive as we prepare for the final stretch of episodes here! We’ll see you next week!

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