This week on A Pod Has No Name, Shane and Tom recap and react to an insane finish to part two of Words of Radiance. A much anticipated confrontation and reveal highlighted the set of chapters that also included:

  • Shallan draws portraits for the deserters
  • Kaladin see’s the Stormfather again
  • Szeth arrives
  • Shallan does what?!?!
  • Reaction to some insane interludes

This really was a great set of chapters so I hope you guys enjoy this weeks episode! For next week we’ll be reading chapters 35-42. Shout out to reddit user r/SageOfTheWise for suggesting we keep next weeks chapters organized with what we’ve already read, so hopefully that makes it easier to follow for you! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @APodHasNoName and to rate and subscribe. See you next week! 

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