In the second episode on The Subtle Knife, Dave, Tom, and Shane discuss Chapters 5 through 7

This week on A Pod Has No Name, the team discovers that The Subtle Knife continues to bring more death, child endangerment, religious overtures, and mispronunciations.

The guys also answer questions like:

  • How many people will Lee Scoresby end up killing? Did he shoot first?
  • What could the Subtle Knife actually do?
  • Is there a Big Bad? Is it the Magisterium? Is it Lord Asriel?
  • What did Lyra and Will talk about for 90 minutes on the way to Sir Charles’s house?
  • Will those angels be naked on the show?

Somehow Magpies, Dora the Explorer, Harry Potter, and Alchemy are discussed too. Hopefully, you enjoy our tangents and thoughts on Chapters 5, 6, and 7.

Next time…

Get the Ski Masks Ready because there’s a heist coming.


Please read chapters 8 through 11 alongside us. We assume you want to see if Will and Lyra can subtly steal the knife too.

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