A Pod Has No Name: The Gallivespian’s Make a Grand Entrance

This time around on A Pod Has No Name, Shane and Tom recap and react to chapters nine through thirteen. With the first third of the final book behind us, listen to our host:

  • Get acquainted with Tialys and Salmakia 
  • Talk about the forces converging on Lyra. From Will and Iorek to Lord Asriel and even the Magisterium
  • Dive into the beauty of chapter 10 and the world-building that Pullman has crafted
  • Assess Will’s plan to save Lyra
  • Where we stand now and looking ahead to next week

As always, thanks for listening! For the next pod, we’ll be reading chapters 14-18. Tune in next time to hear our thoughts and reactions to those chapters as well as other news regarding His Dark Materials.

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