In this weeks episode Tom and Shane cover chapters 28-32 of The Amber Spyglass. 28 through 31 all give us details into the same battle but from various viewpoints, and 32 gives us a peak of what’s coming in the books final five chapters! Our host also go over:

  • Some revealing information about Lord Asriel and Mrs. Coulter come out in chapter 28…how do we feel about them now compared to when the story started?
  • Making sense of the battle and how it might translate to TV
  • Lyra’s parents face-off against Metatron
  • Our thoughts on The Authorities role in these chapters
  • Did Scoresby and Iorek talk about the whole…face eating thing?
  • The table being set in the world of the Mulefa 
  • Tom kicks the cord…

Our read-along of the His Dark Materials trilogy is almost at it’s end, and next week we’ll be covering the final five chapters of the series. Be sure to tune back in next week to hear all of our thoughts on that and what’s coming next here at A Pod Has No Name! 

Next week, we’ll be reading chapters 33-38.  

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