The first Sentience podcast is finally here at A Pod Has No Name! Courtney P. Hunter’s debut novel blends together science fiction themes from the past for something truly original. Listen to Shane and Tom recap and react to the first 100 pages, such as:

  • Being introduced to AlgorithmOS
  • 20 participants…four A.I.’s
  • An injury off the bat and it’s ramifications
  • Questioning how in control of the Turing Test AlgorithmOS is 

And much more! So far the story is deep, engaging, and hit’s home enough in some regards to make you forget it’s a science-fiction novel with A.I.’s hiding in plain sight. We’ll have two more read-along pods, and then Courtney herself will be on to talk to us all about the book! For next week, we’ll be reading through chapter 14. 

If you’re looking for where to purchase Sentience, follow this link