A Pod Has No Name: Into the Abyss

The full crew is back with this week’s episode! Shane, Tom, and Dave recap and react to chapters 23-27. There was a lot to unpack in these action-filled chapters, our hosts went over:

  • Deep afterlife talk!
  • The ferryman…would the “Devil’s Anus” from Thor be more efficient?
  • What if Roger went back with the Gyptians?
  • Tialys and Salmakia come full circle in their support for Lyra
  • Lord Roke has his solo…and it was glorious
  • Mrs. Coulter tries to save the World
  • Lyra slips…and we all lose our minds
  • One of our favorite characters returns! 
  • Mary Malone’s outer body experience
  • Father Gomez channels his inner John Pilgrim

We had a lot of fun with this episode and hope you all enjoy! With only 11 chapters left, we’re in the final stretch here heading toward the premiere of the show.

Next week, we’ll be reading chapters 28-32.  

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