The second episode of His Dark Materials started to show the first signs of diversion from the source material. Some very minor changes were made, and our latest podcast talks about the implications they could have later in the season. Shane, Tom, and Dave go over that, as well as:

  • Recap and review the episode
  • Will we see more aspects of The Subtle Knife merged into season one?
  • Ruth Wilson as Mrs. Coulter praise 
  • An interesting John Faa/Ma Costa scene
  • Looking ahead to next week 
  • and more! 

With two episodes down now, we’ll likely see the show’s plot start picking up. Whether you follow us on Twitter, Reddit, or simply by visiting the site, we want to hear from you! Let us know what you think will happen, what about the adaption you like/don’t like, and anything else regarding season one. We want you to help drive discussion! Don’t forget to follow along during the episodes @APodHasNoName for live-tweets to!