A Pod Has No Name: His Dark Materials Gets the Team Together

After 3 hours of world building and character development, Armour is the episode that finally gives the fans what they want! A musical number by Lee Scoresby!


Tom (@tomds215) & Dave (@dpfective) are joined by Chris (@mrcrockpot) to discuss the epitome of a “Team Building” episode, Armour. So put on your Sky Iron helmet, grab a plate of Scram, and listen to us discuss:

  • Our love of Iorek
  • The casting of Lee Scoresby
  • Chris’s questions on Alethiometers
  • The BBC & HBO’s decisions with Lord Boreal
  • Hollywood’s love of Alternative Reality TV and Film
  • Dave’s 1 Book Scene that the BBC & HBO refused to show #cowards
  • and more!


If you have not read the books, Tom and I will discuss the differences later in the Pod (minute 47). Feel free to drop off when you hear the warning!

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