We did it! We finished the Northern Lights!

Sadly, Tom couldn’t join us this week, but Shane and I did our best. We recapped and reacted to the final chapters of Northern Lights (or The Golden Compass if you are in the US), and discussed:

  • Lyra’s Hero Journey
  • Lord Asriel and his love for Mrs. Coulter
  • Fandom comparison
  • Whether or not the Catholic Church be mad
  • Shane spoiling the setting for The Subtle Knife

Enjoy, and as always, ask us questions and submit theories on Twitter @APodHasNoName

Next time…

Shane and Tom have not watched the film and HBO recently released their first trailer at San Diego Comic Con, so we will deep dive The Golden Compass (2007 Film) and His Dark Materials (Series). Tom has to give us his thoughts on the the final chapters and predictions too, so perhaps we will dedicate some time in the beginning for a rant or two.

If you are still with us after that, our next book in the series will be The Subtle Knife.

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