The 2007 movie The Golden Compass brought in an all-star cast for a box-office bomb, so here at A Pod Has No Name, we needed to do the same. Our pod will probably make as much money.

Tom and I are joined by Chris and Jason to dive into The Golden Compass, but as a bonus, last week HBO dropped the first real look at His Dark Materials

What is on tap…

  • Sadly Shane was unable to join the full pod, but he gives his takes leading into the main event.
  • As a Non-book Reader, Chris tries to predict The Subtle Knife
  • Leer”a vs. “Lie”ra
  • Discuss the adult themes the series can tap into the movie could not.
  • Around minute 50, Jason discusses his hatred of Big Little Lies.

Enjoy, and as always, ask us questions and submit theories on Twitter @APodHasNoName


For reference, if you have not seen the HBO Trailer yet

Next time…

We start book two this week, The Subtle Knife. We plan to discuss Chapters 1 to 4 next weekHis Dark Material world building begins!

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