Name of Player: James Michael ‘Mike’ Scott

Position: Power Forward or wherever the hell he wishes
Level: Key Reserve/Spot Starter

Manager: @GlennQSpoonerSt

Objective: In his primary role as a Key Reserve, Mike will be expected to support the organization by providing quality minutes off the bench as a ‘Stretch 4’. Additionally, he will occasionally be asked to fill-in as a Spot Starter when any of his co-workers are unavailable due to rest or injury, especially Joel Embiid or Al Horford. His tasks will include, but not be limited to, willingly shooting 3 Pointers when open, avoiding long 2 Point Jump Shots, making the correct defensive reads and helping out on the glass. Finally, Mike should bring his unique combination of intangibles, which include both toughness and humor, to help the team through the grueling 82 game regular season, hopefully to be followed by a long playoff run.

Meets Expectations:
* Remain Healthy/Avoid Serious Injury – Play in >= 70 Games
* 3-Point Field Goal Percentage >= 37.5%
* Free Throw Percentage >= 75%
* Average >= 7.5 Rebounds Per 36 Minutes

Stretch Goals/Exceeds Expectations:
* Play in >= 80 Games
* Average >= 10 Points Per Game
* Receive 6th Man of the Year Votes
* 3-Point Field Goal Percentage >= 40%
* The phrase ‘I ain’t no B*tch’ positively trends on Twitter during the 2019/2020 Playoffs

Fails to Meet Expectations:
* Unable to Avoid Injuries – Play in < 60 Games
* 3-Point Field Goal Percentage < League Average
* Free Throw Percentage < 70%
* Average < 6.0 Rebounds Per 36 Minutes