In an unprecedented move, the Yang campaign will use supporter donations to implement the Freedom Dividend Pilot Program.

NEW YORK — Presidential candidate Andrew Yang has announced that his campaign will use funds donated by supporters to create a Freedom Dividend Pilot Program for at least 10 individuals for one year.

We consulted with our counsel, and the Freedom Dividends are fully compliant with all FEC regulations.

The Freedom Dividend, Andrew Yang’s flagship proposal, is a universal basic income of $1,000 per month for American adults over the age of 18.

Andrew Yang is already personally financing the Freedom Dividend for three families. However, these new Freedom Dividends are funded by the campaign, not the Candidate.

His outsider campaign has attracted individuals from across the political spectrum, united in his vision for this country. By harnessing the power of grassroots supporters — Andrew has more $1 donors than any other candidate and over 200,000 individual grassroots contributors — the campaign is making this vision a reality.

The three current dividend recipients — Jodie Fassi of New Hampshire, Malorie Shannon of Florida, and Kyle Christensen of Iowa — are already noting the benefits of having an extra $1,000 per month — from being able to make home improvements, to fixing a car needed for work, to affording medical care for family members.

“The campaign is excited to work together with our supporters to help create more stories about what the Freedom Dividend means for American families. It will enable and empower citizens to pay their bills, switch jobs, take care of loved ones, and plan for the future,” said Campaign Manager Zach Graumann.

“It will build a trickle-up economy, from our people, families, and communities up.”

Participants can enter for the chance to receive the Freedom Dividend at At least ten recipients will receive $1,000 per month for 12 months.

Learn more about the Freedom Dividend and how it will help Americans across the country here.