It’s officially June 1 and that means many vets around the league due big money could be on the move and potentially lacing up on sundays for another team.

Why is June 1 important? When it comes to players being traded or cut, all the remaining prorated salary bonus money left on his contract migrates to the current year (dead money). If a player is dealt or released prior to June 1, only the current years signing bonus is due, and the rest pushes back onto the following year.

June 1 has a bunch of ramifications for the Philadelphia Eagles this off season. Below are a few reasons June 1 has a ton of importance for the team this year.

Fletcher Cox “Release”

Back on March 17th, the Eagles released Fletcher Cox with a post June 1 designation with the intention of resigning him immediately after. What does that mean? Well now that it’s June 1, the designation was made for the Eagles to save $5.3 million of cap space on that date. Fletcher Cox received a 1 yr-$14 million deal this season with only a cap hit of $4 million. Essentially this move was best for both parties.

Brandon Brooks Officially Retires

Former Eagles right guard retirement becomes officially official now that its June 1. Brooks announced his retirement on January 25th and he came to an agreement with the Eagles to restructure his contract that would limit his salary cap hit in 2022. His cap hit for 2022 goes from $19.43 million to around $7.06 million, which decreases the cap hit by roughly $12.37 million.

Granted this will leave some dead money left over for the eagles (2022-$5.9 mil) (2023-$9.79 mil) but this was the only way to spread out Brooks’ dead money.

It’s unfortunate a talent as good as Brandon Brooks had to retire so early, but the injuries just kept adding up and taking a toll on his body. It was nice to see him go out on his own terms though.

Isaac Seumalo

Post June 1 Savings- $5.6 million

Isaac Seumalo is coming off a pretty nasty Linsfranc injury that kept him for the entirety of the 2021 NFL season. The injury was the worst case scenario for the 7 year vet.

In the 2021 draft the Eagles selected LG Landon Dickerson in the second round, and he proved his worth right out of the gate. Dickerson and Mailata built a pretty tight rapport on the left side of the line and it’s likely to stay that way.

Do it all OL Jack Driscoll proved himself worthy of being an every down RG next to Lane Johnson, and this past draft the Eagles selected Jason Kelce’s replacement in Cam Jergens. To be quite honest, at this very moment it looks as if Seumalo is odd man out. Looking back 2-3 years ago, that was far from the case. Seumalo was supposed to be Jason Kelce’s replacement, but not being able to stay on the football field will cause you to lose your spot in an instant.

Seumalo being owed $5.6 million could potentially force the Eagles to make him a cap causality as they look to increase their cap space and give their young guns the chance to succeed up front.

Jalen Reagor

It’s safe to say that Jalen Reagor has been a huge disappointed thus far. The 2020 21st overall pick has struggled in almost every facet of the game at the wide receiver position. The on field criticism fans have given him is very warranted at this point, and that’s just facts.

Some want to give Reagor another shot, some want him shipped out of town, but with rumors of the Eagles taking and making calls to trade Reagor on draft weekend, he could very well be on his way out. Whatever the Eagles decision is, it’ll come at a cheaper price towards the salary cap this season now that it’s June 1.

Not that Jalen Reagor has much trade value at this very moment, but if he were dealt now, he would only count for $1.8 million towards the cap this year, and the exact same next year. If he were dealt pre June 1 it would cost $3.6 million in dead money.

I’d say it’s more likely than not that Reagor is the teams WR 4/5 going into September, but knowing Howie Roseman, he could still be moved at any point of the season now that Reagor barely puts a dent in the Eagles cap space.

Overall, Howie Roseman has done a masterful job thus far this off-season from clearing and saving cap, adding key pieces to the roster, and surrounding Hurts with weapons to reach that next level. All this post June 1 money and possible potential June 1 money could lead to more acquisitions at positions that really need it. Cough cough, safety.

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Photo credits:Philadelphia Inquirer


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