What a glorious day it has been so far.  During an impromptu meeting of the core four founders of this site, it was brought up that some in Sixers circles refer to our project here as “a joke that takes itself seriously.”

From the bottom of my heart, and I know that the rest of the leadership feels the same…thank you. So many of you have worked TIRELESSLY to get us to where we are now.  Just a year ago RTRS first said our site name (I think that it was PFO then, or maybe it was SFO, or even SFOB?), albeit with a chuckle immediately after. There may have even been a “who?” in there somewhere. I don’t remember.

A year later, we have Twitter celebrities and other influential people in the media who are finally acknowledging us. They see that we take ourselves seriously, which is really the big takeaway from this.

As you ponder your role with TPL and what you can bring to the effort, keep in the recesses of your mind two things:

  1. There are those who have already set in their minds what we are, and the most that we can be
  2. We are The Painted Lines, and we think that you all aren’t defined by these people

If you run into one of these people saying these sorts of things, please join me in thanking them. They are the reason why we are doing what we are doing at TPL, and they are the fuel that drives us daily.

Love you all,