The NFL officially announced the 2019 schedule today. So what better time to predict how the season will go than prior to the NFL Draft, prior to training camps, and prior to what will surely be some more league-shaking trades/signings between now and the start of the season? The Birds are one of the favorites in NFC and even in the entire NFL (3rd and 7th odds respectively according to Vegas Insider) this upcoming year. Will their schedule help make that path any easier? Or will the Eagles be forced to make their way through the grinder to even reach the playoffs? Let’s take a look.

Week 1: Redskins @ Eagles, Sunday 1pm

The Eagles didn’t face their division rivals from the District until December last season. This year, they will kick off the season against the Redskins. The Skins are a fine team that paid some big money to bring in safety Landon Collins this offseason and Case Keenum to try and patchwork the QB spot. But let’s be honest, anytime you need to use the word “patchwork” and “QB” in the same sentence, you’re not likely talking about a very real threat. At home, in the first game of the season, the Birds will roll in this one. I know divisional games can be tough, but I’ll save that prediction for their second meeting. Eagles win 31-14 (move to 1-0).

Week 2: Eagles @ Falcons, Sunday Night Football

After knocking off the Falcons in the opening playoff game of their Super Bowl run a couple years ago, the Eagles came right back in 2018 and beat the Dirty Birds from ATL in Week One. As we all know, the next few weeks of the season didn’t go as hoped for the Eagles after that great start. The Eagles meet up with the Falcons in another early-season showdown this year, this time under the bright lights of Sunday Night. The Falcons remain a solid team, but the Birds have seemed to have their number. Carson Wentz > Matt Ryan and that’ll be enough in this one. Eagles win 27-20 (move to 2-0).

Week 3: Lions @ Eagles, Sunday 1pm

The Lions are predicted to finish dead last in the tough NFC North. There are rumors that Matt Stafford could be dealt. And this game is another home one for the Birds. Completely unrelated side note, I will never forget LeSean McCoy’s Snow Bowl domination back in 2013. Highly unlikely we’ll get much snow in this September matchup – but we could see similarly one-sided double digit victory for the boys in Midnight Green. Eagles win 28-14 (move to 3-0).

Week 4: Eagles @ Packers, Thursday Night Football

The Eagles are the better football team. However, the best teams don’t always win in the NFL. The Packers are one of the few teams in the league who can claim to have as good or better of a QB when healthy. It’s a short week, and the Packers are at home in this one and the week prior, meaning no travel required for them. Lastly, my partner here at PFO (Brian Jacobs) will probably force me to take this article down if I don’t pick his Packers. So here’s thing, the Birds aren’t going undefeated. This is a game that makes sense to pick as the Eagles’ first loss of the season. Eagles lose 31-24 (move to 3-1).

Week 5: Jets @ Eagles, Sunday 1pm

Fun fact: I have plans to attend this game this year. After having spent the last four seasons living in the Philippines, it will be a welcome return to the Linc. The Jets improved this offseason, most notably adding the best RB in football, Le’Veon Bell. But I’m not sure there’s enough improvement possible to make the Jets a real threat as soon as this next season. The Birds will bounce back at home from their first loss of the season to get back on the winning track in this one. Eagles win 34-21 (move to 4-1).

Week 6: Eagles @ Vikings, Sunday 1pm

This is another tough matchup on the road that could probably make sense to predict another Eagles loss. But nah. The Vikings fans hate the Eagles (even if the vitriol is a little one-sided). That place will likely be buzzing, but for some reason, I just get the feeling that will be a cause for the Birds to come together and win a more unexpected one here. The Vikings O-line generally sucks, and the Eagles’ D-line will feast in this one. Eagles win 23-20 (move to 5-1).

Week 7: Eagles @ Cowboys, Sunday Night Football

The Eagles’ third primetime game of the season. The Eagles’ third away primetime game. Can we get a freakin home night game, please?! Anyway, the Cowboys should be the only real threat to the Eagles in the NFC East this year. And if they’re going to be a legit threat this season, they have to protect homefield with the whole nation watching. Tough spot for the Birds. Eagles lose 24-21 (move to 5-2).

Week 8: Eagles @ Bills, Sunday 1pm

Josh Allen is a promising young QB for Buffalo fans to hold onto moving forward. But the Bills are not a good football team yet. Barring a major turkey hangover by the Eagles, this shouldn’t be much of a contest. The Eagles are better in almost every category and at almost every unit. In a potentially cold game in late October up north, this could be a game for Eagles’ new addition Jordan Howard to shine. Eagles win 20-13 (move to 6-2).

Week 9: Bears @ Eagles, Sunday 1pm

Speaking of Jordan Howard, he gets to face his former squad in this one. This has the absolute potential to be a showdown between two division leaders in the mid-part of the season. While I would love for the Eagles to win this game, and I would love to pick them to go undefeated at the Linc this year, this game makes me nervous. If you think the Bears have forgotten about the Double Doink from last year, think again. This is the definition of a revenge game for them. They’ll be ready. Not sure the Eagles will be. Eagles lose 27-17 (move to 6-3).

Week 10: Bye Week

This will be the perfect time to regroup from that tough battle against the Bears and get some much-needed rest after nine games to start the year.

Week 11: Patriots @ Eagles, Sunday 4:25pm

The Super Bowl rematch from a couple seasons ago. Can you even imagine what the atmosphere will be like in the Linc that day? A late afternoon game (probably too much time for drinking prior) against the Evil Empire following two straight weeks of preparation for this game on sports talk radio and podcasts all around the Delaware Valley. It’s going to be insane in South Philly that day. And I think the Eagles’ extra days of preparation will pay off. Wentz will get his chance to face off against Brady after having to watch Nick Foles do it on the bigger stage a couple years ago. He’ll take advantage of that opportunity. Eagles win 35-31 (move to 7-3).

Week 12: Seahawks @ Eagles, Sunday Night Football

The Eagles follow up the previous week’s huge matchup with another big one on SNF. The Seahawks aren’t the Legion of Boom from a few years ago, but they’re still a well-coached and solid football team. That being said, the Seahawks seemed to do very little to improve this season, and I just don’t see them being a huge problem for the Eagles in this spot. Under the bright lights of Sunday Night at home (we finally get a home primetime game, yay!), I think the Birds come out firing on all cylinders and backup their statement win from the week before with another one on national television here. Eagles win 28-21 (move to 8-3).

Week 13: Eagles @ Dolphins, Sunday 1pm

Womp, womp. Two huge games coming out of the bye. Both at home. Huge wins. And then followed by this. Can someone say letdown? The Dolphins may very well be the worst team in the NFL. They are grossly lacking in talent, have a massive question mark at QB, and have no business hanging with one of the better teams in the league. And honestly, that’s probably why they will. This has letdown game written all over it. Terrifying and I hate to say it, but… Eagles lose 17-14 (move to 8-4).

Week 14: Giants @ Eagles, Monday Night Football

And we’re right back into that big primetime saddle! Another home game at night in South Philly against Eli and the hated Giants will be the perfect prescription to help the Eagles bounce back from a terrible loss the prior week. The New York Football Giants still have Saquon Barkley, but with Eli still at the helm and no OBJ to toss it up to, they are not a very scary squad at this point. It’s a divisional game. But similar to the first game of the season against the Redskins, I don’t think that will mean very much in this one. Eagles win 35-21 (move to 9-4).

Week 15: Eagles @ Redskins, Sunday 1pm

Once again, the Redskins aren’t a very good football team. But I also don’t necessarily think the Eagles are going to win four straight divisional games to end the season. In light of that, I could see the Skins stealing this one from the Eagles. Lincoln Financial Field South won’t provide too hostile of an environment for the Eagles to walk into, but facing off against the division’s top team at home could be the Redskins’ version of the Super Bowl this year. They’ll get up for this one and shock the Birds. Eagles lose 27-24 (move to 9-5).

Week 16: Cowboys @ Eagles, Sunday 4:25pm

The Eagles get their revenge game against the Cowboys for their loss earlier in the year. This could be the last game that matters for the Eagles this season. A win here should hopefully lock up the NFC East for them, and I don’t think Doug and Carson will let that opportunity slip away. The Birds crush their rivals and clinch the division in a South Philly beatdown. Eagles win 38-21 (move to 10-5).

Week 17: Eagles @ Giants, Sunday 1pm

The Eagles will hopefully have the division locked up already by this point, but a win here could get them a first round bye in the playoffs, so there will still be something to play for. The Giants, meanwhile, will be playing for draft seeding once again in the final week of the season. With those two things combined with the difference in talent level between these two teams, the Eagles will walk out of the Meadowlands with another win and hopefully a top 2 seed in the NFC Playoffs. Eagles win 27-17 (move to 11-5).

We have a long way to go, and I’m sure to miss on probably at least half these picks. But I don’t think it’s out of the question for the Eagles to have a 10-12 win season and hopefully a first round bye in the playoffs. The schedule isn’t an easy one, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming either. The Eagles are a legit contender this year, and it’s going to be fun to watch. All I really ask is that you stay healthy, Carson. Fly Eagles Fly.