Trust the Friendship

A Poem

For Dario and Cov


The Butler trade went down and to all of our dread,

Dario and Cov were gone and Elton claimed The Process as dead,

We all knew this day would come as the tears stream down from our eyes,

As Sixers fans we are emotionally invested as there are no easy goodbyes.


We must remember Dario and Cov with the smiles not the tears,

For their growth and development that was gained through the years,

We grew up with these guys through a process of immense pain and hardship,

It wasn’t the Process that was trusted, it was the love and the friendship.


RoCo, there are no words to express how deeply proud we all feel,

A 3 and D ace of superb team defense and steals,

Your knack to hit from deep and disrupt the passing lanes were so active,

There is no doubt that there will never be a star in Philly more divisive.


The year was 2014 with Sam Hinkie on the search for wing hybrids,

Arose from the clutter came a D-League star from Grand Rapids,

A number one pick in the 2014 NBA Development League Draft,

Had joined a Sixers roster that was purposefully designed to be understaffed.


From the aftermath of The Process, you arose from the rubble,

You became a household name across Philadelphia for your grit, heart, and hustle,

Last season provided a gift that granted Process trusters closure,

When you proved the haters wrong and won NBA All-Defensive First Team honors.


Dario, your arrival to Philly came from another team’s blunder,

When Sam Hinkie robbed the Magic and got you for Payton and a first rounder,

In two years you’d come over, you meant not to forsworn,

Your toughness, team play, and strength on the court was infinitely adorn.


Thank you for all the memories that we will hold forever in our hearts,

As Sixers fans I feel it is our duty to impart,

Ultimate team players and a joy to be watching,

You were the stars of The Process that made The Process worth trusting.


Good luck RoCo, not seeing 33 on the court will be difficult to digest,

We’ll be watching you in Minny and wish you nothing but the best,

And best of luck to the Homie as you join the Twolves roster to bolster,

Now it’s Minnesota’s turn to stress out about if and when you come over.