Happy Friday everyone! Here are my top stories of the week related to film, TV, Disney & superheroes.

Monday 8/5

Andy Serkis will Direct Venom 2

Andy Serkis confirmed on Twitter that he will be teaming up with Tom Hardy for Venom 2. Rumor is spreading that Venom 2 will be faithful to Venom: Lethal Protector #6. Who is a supporting character in that comic series? You guessed it, Spider-Man. Anyone else find similarities in characters between Gollum and Venom hilarious? They are literally the same.

Get Ready for PG-13 3rd Deadpool Flick

Deadpool 2 Director David Leitch stated that the merc with a mouth and the MCU will “find a happy ground.” Ryan Reynolds also recently hinted that Deadpool will be finding a home in Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Between the introductions of X-Men, Fantastic Four, Blade and now Deadpool, Phase 5 looks to be absolutely stacked for Marvel.


New Gods Movie Characters Revealed

Ava DuVernay recently revealed which characters will be included in the big screen adaptation of The New Gods. Drum roll… We are going to be getting our first taste of live action Darkseid. It has not been confirmed that DuVernay’s The New Gods will be tied to the DCEU.

Major News for Halo Series via Showtime

The long awaited Halo series dropped some bombs on Monday. Natascha McElhone will play Cortana. McElhone is most well known from The Truman Show and Californication. It is scheduled to release during the first quarter of 2021


Event Horizon TV Series in Development

One of my favorite horror/sci-fi films of all time is getting the TV treatment via Amazon. Adam Wingard, the director of the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong, is attached to produce. After the major success following Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House, this is definitely one project to keep an eye on.

Tuesday 8/6

New Female Superhero Show Coming to ABC

With Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD coming to an end, ABC just announced another part of Marvel beginning development. ABC Entertainment is looking to begin a new project focusing on a female superhero. Fingers crossed that Valkyrie gets the nod. Another name to keep an eye on is Moira MacTaggart, a mutant with the power to reincarnate herself. When she dies, she goes back to being a fetus in utero with all the knowledge she obtained from her previous lives.

Wednesday 8/7

David Benioff and DB Weiss Sign with Netflix in Mega Deal

According to Deadline, Game Of Thrones’ creators David Benioff & D.B. Weiss have signed an exclusive deal with Netflix. The report indicates that the field was narrowed between Amazon, Disney and Netflix. Benioff and Weiss are busy to say the least. They are writing and producing one of the next Star Wars trilogies as well as wrote a Kurt Cobain movie script for Universal.

New Lucasfilm Project outside of Indiana Jones & Star Wars Being Developed

Paging A Pod Has No Name: Disney is bringing Tomi Adeyemi’s fantasy novel Children of Blood and Bone to the big screen. According to Deadline, Kay Oyegun (This is Us) is set to pen the script. According to IGN, “the novel conjures a stunning world of dark magic and danger, as a young heroine teams up with a rogue princess to restore magic in the land of Orïsha in the aftermath of her mother’s death.”


New Casting Revealed for Marvel’s What If…? Series

Chris Hemsworth will return as Thor

Samuel L Jacksonw will return as Nick Fury

Chadwick Boseman will return as King T’Challa

Josh Brolin will return as Thanos

Michael B Jordan will return as Killmonger

Paul Rudd will return as Ant-Man

Jeff Goldblum will return as Grandmaster

Tom Hiddleston will return as Loki

Michael Rooker will return as Yondu (YAY!)

Jeffrey Wright will serve as narrator of the series

Hayley Atwell will return as Peggy Carter

Sebastian Stan will return as Bucky Barnes

Toby Jones will return as Amin Zola

Stanley Tucci will return as the scientist Abraham Erskine (Captain America: The First Avenger)


New Movie Trailer with Nicolas Cage & Laurence Fishburne

Cage and Fishburne on a deadly drug run?! Sign me the heck up! Running with the Devil releases in theaters on September 13th, 2019.

NPH Hosting a Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Show on Freeform

Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting a TV special on Freeform. Sadly, we’re not talking about How I Met Your Mother here. The show will follow NPH as he explores the new theme park at Disneyland Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. It will premiere Sunday, September 29 at 8pm on Freeform

Michelle Williams Returns to Venom 2

First Andy Serkis, now Michelle Williams. Michelle Williams will return as Anne Weying in the Venom sequel. Production is set to begin later this year. No word yet on whether or not Carnage will be the film’s villain, but Michelle wants more screen time for She-Venom and that is never a bad thing.

Home Alone Reboot Incoming – Keep the Change Ya Filthy Animals

Disney’s deal to buy Fox didn’t end with superheroes. The Home Alone franchise is one of the first major Fox IP’s getting a reboot for the new Disney+ streaming service. What other Fox IP’s would you like to see reboot or re-imagined for Disney+?


New Trailer from The Addams Family

The Addams Family released its second trailer on Wednesday. The ensemble brings us to the scariest place on Earth: New Jersey.

Thursday 8/8

Lord of the Rings TV Series will include 20 Episodes during Season One

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV series will include 20 episodes for the first season. The series is aiming for a 2021 release. Amazon’s current plan with the show includes 5 seasons with a potential spin-off series in the future.


Live Action Spider-Man Universe TV Series in the Works

The success of Into the Spider-Verse is only getting started. There are still some Spider-Man characters under Sony control. Characters like Black Cat and Silver Sable could be getting their own live action TV series in the near future. Venom 2 and Morbius the Living Vampire are the current projects scheduled for big screen adaptation.

New Gen 8 Pokemon Revealed in Shield & Sword

Here is your weekly Pokemon fix! IGN compiled an amazing list of all the exclusive Pokemon to Sword and Shield. Pokemon Sword and Shield releases on November 15th, 2019.


Friday 8/9

Only 2 more weeks until the D23 Expo!

The lineups have been revealed! On August 23rd, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will have a panel at 3pm while Disney+’s panel begins at 3:30pm. At 7pm, Marvel Animation will be revealing announcements on Spider-Man. On August 24th, we’ll get our first taste of ESPN+ on Disney+. Lastly on August 25th, The Little Mermaid will have a panel with some first reveals.


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