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Process 2: The Death of the Process

Main Characters

Born on Titan, a moon on Saturn, and the son of the Mad Titan Daryl Morey, Sam was Daryl’s second-in-command but disagreed with his father’s stance on balancing the state of the NBA. Sam Hinkie watched as his father destroyed his home planet of Rockets with old mathematics. So Sam moved on to Philadelphia, a bright star with a strong base in advanced analytics.

Agent Brett Brown is from Maine and is the secondhand man of director Sam Hinkie. Brett is most well-known for creating a healthy locker room of superheroes at the T.A.N.K. headquarters. Standing in Sam’s shadows for years, Brett is stereotyped as a “company man” from the outside, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Agent Brown is involved in multiple day-to-day T.A.N.K. projects dealing with alternate realities to the supernatural.

Nerlens No-el was born on the planet Krypton and sent to Philadelphia in a small spaceship by his father Yon-el. His ship landed in the American countryside of Kentucky, where he was discovered and adopted by a farming couple named John and Ellen Calipari. In order to protect his privacy, Nerlens changes his hair style into a High Top Fade and uses the alias “Superman” when fighting crime. Nerlens is best friends of Hollis Thompson, who is Batman in Pasadena City.

Batman’s alias is Hollis Thompson, a wealthy American badass and owner of Thompson Enterprises. After witnessing the murder of his parents as a child, he swore vengeance against criminals and to never take another life. Hollis Thompson is considered one of the smartest individuals and detectives in Pasadena City and does not possess any superpowers. Batman is most famous for his 40% long range projectiles from the perimeter during battles.

Captain America is the alter ego of Tony Wroten, a frail young man from Washington who is America’s first member of The Process. Tony was created in an experiment to form the first super soldier during the war to stop the reign of the LA Lakers winning NBA championships in the 1980s. Near the end of the war, Tony was frozen in ice and was revived by Agent Brown with the intent for Cap to join T.A.N.K. Tony Wroten is most famous for having an indestructible shield and coining the term “Trust the Process.”

Robert Covington, or Aquaman, is one of the founding members of The Process right next to Superman, Batman, and Captain America. Aquaman is the King of Atlantis and controls the ocean with his oversized trident. Covington is repeatedly made fun of by media for his lack of ability to attack the rim or do anything other than throw tridents from the perimeter. Aquaman is most famous for having a wet perimeter game and despite the majority of the local media hating him, he’s one of the strongest members of The Process.

Jakarr “Sideshow” Sampson is a self-proclaimed genius who is a graduate of St. John’s University, is a member of the G-League Party, and has a 7’ wingspan. Jakarr began his career as a sidekick next to Batman and Captain America, but after years of not getting playing time, Jakarr was busted after creating several burner accounts of Tony and Hollis. After a long stint in the G-League, Agent Brown re-hired “Sideshow” to join T.A.N.K. and help stop Adam Silver. Jakarr is most famous for his hair and wildcard special, which gives him the ability to copy superhuman abilities of anyone in his proximity.

Deadpool, whose real name is King T’Choel Embiid, is a disfigured and deeply disturbed mercenary and assassin with the superhuman ability of an accelerated healing factor and physical prowess. King Embiid is the protector and embodiment of the proud and technologically advanced country of Cambodia. Embiid is known as the “Merc with a Mouth” because of his tendency to joke constantly on social media.

Dario Saric is from the country of Nevercomingover and possesses a mastery of mechanical engineering, chemistry, all levels of physics, and human and alien biology. The Philadelphia Daily News listed Mr. Saric as one of the top ten most intelligent people in the world. He is the inventor of the spacecraft that was bombarded by cosmic radiation on its maiden voyage, granting him his special ability. Dario Saric gained the ability to stretch his body into any shape he desires.

TJ McConnell’s Nightwing costume is a high-tech suit specially designed for his high-flying acrobatic style and slapping the hardwood. TJ’s gauntlets and boots each contain eight compartments in which he could store items for throwing projectiles. Held in spring-loaded pouches in the back of his costume, TJ carries a pair of titanium clubs made from an unbreakable polymer for combat. TJ is most known for having the best hair amongst members of The Process.

Alfred Mbah was King T’Choel Embiid’s loyal and tireless butler, housekeeper, best friend, and surrogate father figure for years. A classically trained Cambodian actor and an ex-Special Operations Executive of honor and ethics with connections within the intelligence community, Alfred Mbah has been called “the protector of King T’Choel” for more than two decades. He served as T’Choel’s moral anchor while providing comic relief with his sarcastic and cynical attitude. Recently, Mbah moved on to help Nightwing at the Slapdafloor Santorum.

The Villains

Adam Silver is a wealthy, business-driven engineer and psychopath who lives in the city of New York. He is also one of the most intelligent people in the world. Adam Silver created the company titled SilverCorp and is intent on ridding the world of good basketball in the NBA. Adam is a super villain and arch nemesis to Superman. While Adam lacks superpowers, he uses intelligence, money, and power to get his deeds done. Adam Silver is most known for his love for mediocre/treadmill basketball and hatred towards tanking. While he never said he was against it, he has been compiling an all-out assault at Sam Hinkie and T.A.N.K. for years.

Modok has superhuman intelligence, including a computer-like memory, the ability to scour and retain large data-banks of information very quickly, and solve abstract mathematical problems nearly instantaneously. He also has the ability to calculate the mathematical probability of any given event occurring, which is why he is incredibly jealous of Sam Hinkie’s superior knowledge of analytics. Modok is always well dressed and most well known for having larger than life collars. A side effect of wearing such large collars caused an abnormality whereby his body can no longer support its weight, needing to rely on an exoskeleton and hoverchair.

The Plot

Badly beaten from battle on the Planet Titan, evil genius Adam Silver speaks of his loss to a well-dressed yet shadowy figure in the background. “I’m sorry Master, but The Process is real, and they are a formidable enemy,” says Adam Silver. “Sam Hinkie and his T.A.N.K. team on Earth are too strong,” Silver protests as he kneels. The grey figure stands up, revealing himself as Bryan Colangelo, otherwise known as Modok. Modok smiles, looks over to Adam Silver and says profoundly, “Sometimes when you need to get the job done, you got to do it yourself.”

It is the two year anniversary of The Battle for New York, and our favorite heroes are enjoying a delicious dinner at Taco Bell on a small moon outside of Saturn. Tony Wroten (Captain America), Nerlens Noel (Superman), Robert Covington (Aquaman), Hollis Thompson (Batman), and Jakarr Sampson (Sideshow) are debating their favorite Taco Bell meals with T.A.N.K. director Sam Hinkie. Just as Sam Hinkie administers a PowerPoint presentation on bar graphs, a portal opens and hundreds of creatures surround our heroes at gunpoint.

Modok walks out of the portal, smiling at Sam Hinkie and The Process who are held hostage and at his will. “For years, I have watched you and your team of analytics ruin the NBA,” says Modok as he circles Sam Hinkie like a shark hunting its prey. “The NBA has an imbalance for a reason, and I am here to ensure that imbalance. Mediocrity deserves to be handsomely rewarded, and you have made a mockery of everything I love.” Modok reaches towards Sam’s throat, “I’m going make an example of you and your puny second round picks.” As Modok squeezes Sam’s throat, Sideshow Jakarr interrupts, “You will never stop The Process, this dude loves collars.” Sideshow closes his eyes and uses his wildcard power to instantly transport his friends back to Earth and away from Modok and his goons. Modok angrily grabs Jakarr’s throat and says, “That is a normal collar, move on, find a new slant,” and snaps his neck. Modok and his crew vanish into thin air as the ruins of Taco Bell and a fallen Jakarr Sampson are blown into the nothingness of deep space.

Sam Hinkie, Superman, Captain America, Aquaman, and Batman crash land inside a strange building run by Nightwing (TJ McConnell), the protector of the Slapdafloor Santorum. Alfred Mbah introduces The Process to Nightwing, a soldier who excels in hand-to-hand combat and fantastic hair. Nightwing explains his role of protecting all of Earth’s realities, his history in the fight against Modok, and the need to protect the land of Cambodia, which holds the secret to stopping Modok. In a hologram, Sam and Superman discuss the upcoming attack from Modok with leader Brett Brown. Realizing they must find help, Brett and Sam welcome Nightwing to The Process and embark on a mission to the dark and dangerous land of Nevercomingover. After shaking hands with TJ, Superman and Aquaman decide to begin preventative measures by heading to the mysterious land of Cambodia. As his new friends leave, Nightwing and Alfred Mbah stay behind to protect the Santorum and prepare for battle.

As Superman and Aquaman arrive in Cambodia, they are welcomed by the leader of Cambodia, Deadpool, otherwise known as T’Choel Embiid. Deadpool, the protector of Cambodia and its people, unites with The Process to bring an end to Modok and his infinite supply of collars. Modok’s army quickly arrive and begin an all-out attack against Cambodia and The Process. With significant less numbers, the united Cambodian armies led by T’Choel Embiid and The Process mount a defense against Modok’s forces. As a spaceship in the air aims its missiles towards Superman and Aquaman, a jet comes out of nowhere and intercepts the oncoming missiles. The jet brings down the spaceship as Nightwing backflips out of the jet and rejoins the team on the ground. Nightwing slaps the ground, bringing down countless goons in the process. “Did you miss me?” says TJ as he sprints into battle. Nerlens and Aquaman share a quick smile and laugh before rejoining their friend in the Battle for Cambodia.

The scene cuts to Superman flying across the battlefield using his Krypton Hook and pummeling hundreds of Modok’s goons. Nerlens, the most powerful member of the Process, is seemingly unstoppable as he speeds across the sky. Suddenly, Adam Silver sets up a hot dog stand on the ground, and Superman immediately falls to the ground. Unable to use his powers, Adam Silver slams Nerlens with his hot dog gauntlet. “Hope you like fake first round picks,” he quips, and Superman crumbles into ash. As Adam Silver flies away in a speeder, Captain America cannot believe that his friend Nerlens has fallen.

As Captain America proceeds to fend off countless enemies, time slows down and Tony realizes he has been slain in the back. Tony kneels to the ground in terrible agony as chaos and explosions ensure all around him. A nearby Batman screams for Tony, who falls to the ground in pain. “You were always my best friend,” says Tony to Hollis Thompson. Tears are streaming down Batman’s face. Modok’s goons begin overwhelming the defending armies before Dario Saric, otherwise known as Mr. Fantastic, Brett, and Sam arrive to join the battle. Sam Hinkie and T’Choel Embiid embrace, having known each other for the past several years. Almost overrun by the army, Dario uses his stretch power, taking down hundreds of Modok’s goons in the process.  T’Choel Embiid looks at Mr. Fantastic and says with a smile, “Glad you finally came over; do you trust the process?” Mr. Fantastic laughs, saying “Trust the friendship is more appropriate,” and continues the fight against Modok’s forces.

Modok teleports to a war torn Cambodia and immediately begins charging towards the first member of The Process he sees, Batman (Hollis Thompson). Just as Modok reaches Batman, Sam Hinkie showers Modok with his gravity gun, saving his friend Hollis from a certain death. “You will not win,” shouts Sam. “Enough games,” replies Modok, who dodges the blast from the gravity gun and picks up Sam with a smile. Deadpool sees his leader in peril and begins running towards Sam Hinkie. Deadpool is sprinting towards Modok, who holding Sam Hinkie in the air by the throat. “The Process is dead,” says Modok, who stabs Sam Hinkie in the back with his sword and vanishes into thin air. An emotional Deadpool cradles Sam Hinkie. Members of The Process, Nightwing and Brett Brown circle around Sam Hinkie and Deadpool. In immense pain, Sam says, “I love you my son” to T’Choel Embiid. “It is up to you now to protect the process.”  Tears begin streaming down Deadpool’s face. “What are we to do now?” asks T’Choel Embiid. With his last breath, Sam looks at Deadpool and says, “You fool, you ARE the process,” and limps into Embiid’s arms. T’Choel Embiid and the members of The Process are silent as the kneel for their fallen leader. Modok’s goal of eradicating The Process comes to fruition as hope for a championship in Philadelphia begins to vanish into ash.

In Cambodia, The Process holds a funeral for their fallen comrades: Sideshow, Captain America, Superman, and Sam Hinkie. T’Choel Embiid, with tears streaming down his face, shares, “There was an idea. Sam Hinkie called this idea The Process. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people and see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when Earth needed us to fight the battles they never could. Sam Hinkie died still believing in the process, but a new process arises. Modok might have won the battle, but the war has only begun. Our mission to win the city of Philadelphia a championship has only begun. I am the chosen one. I am the process. I will bring down Modok. I promise to you that the people will remember Sam Hinkie as a hero.” The New Process is officially assembled. Deadpool, Mr. Fantastic, Nightwing, Brett Brown, and Aquaman leave the casket as the camera pans to Sam Hinkie’s gravestone. It reads, “Some would have us go out and buy apples. But we wanted to build the whole orchard. And you don’t get to the moon by climbing a tree.” End scene.

Modok awakens, fully healed on another planet and serenely watches the sunset, satisfied at having achieved his ultimate goal. Batman goes into retirement and passes the reins to TJ McConnell, otherwise known as Nightwing. Dario Saric finally comes over and officially becomes a member of The Process. Alfred Mbah decides that his job of protecting Deadpool is complete and leaves to become the butler of a mediocre team in Los Angeles.

In a post-credits scene, it is chaos on Earth as cars are crashing on the streets; helicopters are seen gliding into a skyscraper and exploding. T.A.N.K Director Elton Brand and Deputy Director Brett Brown are sitting in their vehicle as people can be seen screaming and running out of a bank. A dark figure in a hat approaches Elton and Brett in the vehicle. “Hey guys, remember the time I almost traded for T’Choel Embiid?” The figure holds Brand and Brown hostage with a toy gun. “Why so process?” says the Joker, taking off his hat and revealing himself as Danny Ainge.

The New Process Will Return.