Until tonight, the Sixers were undefeated at home, and yet, they seem to be experiencing consistent and significant lulls within games that could be ascribed to youth and over-reliance on emotion and feeding off of the energy of the home crowd.

Before Friday’s game against the Cavaliers, I talked to head coach Brett Brown about this.

JBlevins: “Does it worry you at all that the team may be a little too dependent on the energy and emotional side, and suffers from lulls which allow teams back into games, instead of being put away?

Brett Brown:To connect that to the crowd wasn’t on my mind…to be reliant, dependent, on the crowd to get a win. The lulls are on my mind, and trying to understand that a little bit more wisely, to study that more. Somebody told me on the way out the door that we’re 5-1 in games determined by three points or less. It seems like we’ve been pretty good at getting the lead, and then somewhere there’s that lull, and then we’ve been really good winning games, closing out games at the end. And so trying to conquer that problem, and you know, there are different stats that I won’t share with you as we study it and learn why, and what offensive sets are we in to produce maybe that lull, the connection of the dots with turnovers.

“Joe’s success at a post when it’s static, in that sort of slow type of environment. How’s he producing, how can we help him. You start like looking at things, it’s not a mystery when you start connecting the dots, and learning more information. It’s not I come in here lost, “I don’t know why.” I do know why. And it’s stuff that I don’t want to get into too much coach speak with you now. But we are aware of it, we’re paying attention. I am thrilled to have Jimmy in that mix that I think can be used and help us get out of those types of lulls.

“I think with that starting group that’s doing quite well, we’re the least used lineup in the league at 55 minutes, and like the Indiana Pacers’ most used lineup is at 280 or something like that, but the numbers are good. So far, it’s looking good. It just needs to be grown, and it especially needs to be grown in that situation that you’re talking about.”

Here is the video courtesy of Philly Front Office youtube channel