The seventh chapter arrived on the eve of The Rise of Skywalker. Will there be a tie in between the latest from The Mandalorian and the last of the Skywalker saga? Nope. But we return to where it all began and THE GANG IS BACK!

What we learned from this episode

  • The Client has been working for Moff Gideon
  • No real tie in with The Rise of Skywalker (sad face)
  • Loved seeing Mando’s first instinct to protect Baby Yoda after being attacked by the winged creatures
  • The shadowy character at the end of chapter 6 was not revealed, which makes me think it WAS Boba Fett
  • Deborah Chow, director of chapter seven and “The Sin,” showed some serious chops in this episode

An offer you can’t refuse…

Chapter seven opens with Greef Karga offering Mando a deal he simply cannot refuse. Complete a bounty, kill The Client, free Baby Yoda. Aware of the obvious trap being put into place by Karga potentially working for the Empire, Mando realizes that this is not a mission he can accomplish on his own.

That’s right! Not only are we going back to where it all started, but Mando gets the gang back together! Cara Dune, Kuiil and IG-11 (hesitantly) all return and agree to enlist among Mando’s crew. My favorite moment included Cara Dune outright refusing to join until Mando mentions the word Imperial. She immediately agrees and joins Mando in his quest to save Baby Yoda and kill The Client. Excellent character moment there.

Greef Karga gets significant screen time this week

Greef Karga had his most extensive screen time during this week’s episode. Overall, I thought he was ok. Karga is a cold blooded mercenary that cares about nothing beyond trapping dead bodies and cashing checks. However, after being attacked by winged creatures outside of camp and poisoned, he is healed by Baby Yoda in one of the best scenes of the episode. The “sudden change of heart” after being rescued by Baby Yoda was iffy at best.

Beyond healing Greef Karga, Baby Yoda had some major moments in chapter seven. While Mando is arm wrestling Cara, Baby Yoda sees Dune as a threat and begins to force choke her. Was Baby Yoda simply protecting Mando? Baby Yoda is a child, therefore perhaps he lacks the social cues and awareness to recognize real threats.

“Look at me, I’m the captain now”

Baby Yoda also had an adorable sequence this week. During a conversation between Cara and Mando, Baby Yoda jumps into the captain’s chair and nearly causes Razorcrest to crash. The Mandalorian refuses to let you forget that Baby Yoda is still a child making impulsive decisions. Hilarious stuff.

Karga, Dune and Mando devise a plan to kill The Client during the exchange. However, we quickly learn that Moff Gideon has his own plan: kill everyone. We got our first brief, look at Moff Gideon in chapter seven, who will have a main role in the finale. The Mandalorian is a space western, therefore double crossings have been a regular occurrence since the premiere. Is wasn’t anything that Gideon did that caught my attention, it was actually something he said.

“It means more to me than you will ever know”

“It means more to me than you will ever know,” says Moff Gideon on the purpose of Baby Yoda during the latter part of chapter 7? With Gideon working for the Empire, is this how The Mandalorian plans to tie in Baby Yoda and Palpatine? Are we finally going to get that reveal we’ve so desperately been wanting?

I’m not going to lie: part of me wanted a tie in with The Rise of Skywalker during this week’s episode. I have my tickets to see The Rise of Skywalker on Friday morning and @SuitUPTPL will be doing a live podcast following the film to get our reaction. The Mandalorian has been a phenomenal show. In fact, I’m already labeling it as one of my favorite shows of all time. However, there are have some hiccups.

I need my Baby Yoda merch!

There have been two major missed opportunities for The Mandalorian this season. First, the lack of Baby Yoda merchandise. The fact that these toys aren’t available until May 2019 makes me scratch my head. A Baby Yoda plush doll would have looked perfect next to my Star Wars collection this Christmas. Big mistake.

The second missed opportunity is lack of tie in with The Rise of Skywalker. The Mandalorian made a major mistake by not doing this in chapter seven. The Mandalorian‘s has surpassed Stranger Things as the most in-demand digital exclusive series around.

Could you imagine the level of hype it would bring to tie in Baby Yoda with Palpatine’s introduction in The Rise of Skywalker? It would be the biggest discussion around and only add to the crazy amount of buzz for the Skywalker finale.

After Goff Mideon kills The Client and surrounds the cantina with an army of storm troopers, Mando immediately asks Kuiil to return to the ship, leave the planet and keep Baby Yoda safe. This doesn’t go well as two storm troopers on speeder bikes catch up to Kuiil and take Baby Yoda. The end of chapter seven was incredibly emotional. One of my favorite characters Kuiil, played by Nick Nolte, is seen lying dead on the ground as the credits roll. Brutal.

My Grade: 8.9/10

Very good episode. I won’t say it was my favorite of the season. I’d say it would probably be in that second tier of very good episodes. I loved seeing Cara Dune and IG-11 make their return. I’m not completely sold on Greef Karga yet as part of Mando’s crew like I am with Cara and IG-11. Regardless, very strong episode this week and brilliantly directed by Deborah Chow.

So what can we expect in the finale?

A major theme from The Mandalorian that we’ve seen has been Mando serving as Baby Yoda’s protector. With Baby Yoda speeding his way to the fight with the storm troopers, I expect Baby Yoda protects Mando with some impressive usage of the force in chapter eight. In fact, many of us predicted this during the initial reveal of Baby Yoda in the premiere. It’s going to be a spectacle. No doubt about it.

With Kuiil laying on the ground, I don’t think it’s possible that Star Wars kills this character off. He means too much to Mando’s character arc for it to end like that. I expect Kuiil to return to Razorcrest and “re-reprogram (is that a word?)” IG-11 to fight the storm trooper army. In fact, I think there are fairly good odds that IG-11 saves both Mando and Baby Yoda next week.

Mando has been strictly against droids since he was a child. We’ve seen this mentioned repeatedly all season. He refers to droids as murdering machines, with killing as their first and natural instinct. As we saw in the flashbacks, droids killed Mando’s parents when he was a child. It only makes sense that we see IG-11 rescue Mando and Baby Yoda from a horrific situation in the finale. IG-11 saves the day in chapter eight, earns Mando’s trust and becomes an official member of Mando’s crew.

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