Mando Episode 6 – The Prisoner Spoiler Review: Gone in 60 Parsecs

Mando goes back to his roots and The Mandalorian turns in one of the strongest standalone episodes of the season

Yet another side mission for our main man Mando and his adorable companion, Baby Yoda. Mando returns to some old friends as Razorcrest enters a space port somewhere in the galaxy. Mando agrees to free a prisoner locked up on a flying prison. As we all should expect, not everything goes according to plan.

While this was a very strong episode, the decision to have yet another standalone episode with only two episodes remaining in the season will probably anger some fans. I won’t lie. I’m one of them. I was hoping to see some kind of tie in to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. This episode did not to much in the sense of pushing the overarching plot forward. We continue to learn about Mando’s past and had some very good character building moments in chapter six.

An evolving Mandalorian…

For a great bulk of the season, I contemplated whether or not Mando was actually a Mandalorian and if he was going to turn into the hero fans so desperately want to see. I think both answers have officially been confirmed over these past two weeks. There were many moments this week that challenged Mando’s reputation as the mercifulness, bounty hunter he has always been. We learn that even his own former team and romantic interest has never seen him take off his helmet.

(First of all, isn’t it a little weird that you had romantic engagements with someone and never took off your helmet?)

“We’re not killing anybody” says Mando after learning that there are humans on board rather than strictly droids. After rescuing a prisoner named Quinn, he responds “the man who left me behind is now my savior.” This clearly brings back some painful decisions Mando has made in the past. During a standoff between Mando and Quinn, there is a scene where Mando pauses when questioned about his code as a Mandalorian. “Aren’t’ you a man of honor?” says Quinn, with Mando taking a brief second to contemplate that question.

How much longer until Mando breaks his own code?

This has been a reoccurring theme over the last several weeks between The Mandalorian and our main character. Does a Mandalorian deserve true happiness? How much longer until breaks that code? After his team double crosses Mando towards the second half of the episode, we later learn that Mando has captured and locked his former team inside a prison cell. Mando is very clearly moving away from being the heartless killer he used to be.

Despite the refusal to kill, chapter six showcased some of the best action sequences of the season. We learned a little bit more about Mando’s long-lasting hatred towards droids this week and it showed. There is a sequence where Mando brings down a string of droids in the prison ship that was pure bliss. In one of my favorite moments of the season, Mando rips a part from a droid and uses it as a projectile as he throws it into the head of another droid. Pure awesomeness.

The hunt is on…

My favorite moments from this episode came into the tonal shift around the last act of chapter six. After rescuing the prisoner and being betrayed by his own team, Mando escapes the prison cell by breaking off the arm from a nearby droid and unlocking the door. Sean Connery from The Rock would be very impressed!

The last third of chapter six was the highlight for me, as the episode quickly turns into a cat and mouse game. After escaping the prison cell, Mando picks off each team member one by one that would surely make The Predator proud. Despite being a phenomenal fighter, it may be crazy to say this but I prefer my Mando fighting in the dark as some of his best moments came from fighting in the shadows.

Just like old times? Not so much…

With his team locked up in the prison ship and after recovering control of Razorcrest, Mando takes Quinn back to the space port for delivery and payment. “Just like old times,” says a crew member laughing as Mando launches off into space. In yet another double crossing, the team leader deploys a ship to target and destroy Mando and Baby Yoda.

It’s not that easy to kill a Mandalorian as Mando uses a tracking beacon from the prison ship and places it onto Quinn, alerting the Rebels who send in a team of X-Wings. Watching X-Wings in action gave me all the feels this week. The set up. The execution. It was simply flawless by Mando as he and Baby Yoda launch into hyper space and onto their next mission.

My Grade: 8.5/10

Quite simply: the less Mando talks, the better episode. Any episode that gives Baby Yoda more time to play with the control knob deserves high marks. With only two episodes remaining, where are Mando and Baby Yoda off to next? Episode 7 releases on Disney+ on December 18th. Thanks for reading!

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