If you’ve read my Chapter 1 review, then you clearly know that I am already in love with this show. The tone, score, costume design, and characters are everything I love about Star Wars. Chapter 2 only continued to emphasize this further with excellent action and character building.

With so much to discuss (there are a lot of positives), let’s quickly talk about what didn’t work. Chapter 2 starts off with Mando and Baby Yoda traversing the planet following the events of Chapter 1. It is clear from the get go that Mando is a bear in the wilderness protecting his cub (Baby Yoda). Watching Mando and Yoda traverse the desert planet alongside the beautiful score felt like I was watching Frodo and Sam during The Fellowship of the Ring.

Wow, what an episode…

But what’s my negative? Sadly, IG-11 is nowhere to be seen. IG-11 had fantastic chemistry with Mando during the first episode, and all signs point to this being the end of the IG-11. IG-11 and Mando had some great moments. With Mando making it clear about his “droid bias,” I was fairly certain that a strong emphasis of this show would include Mando and his hatred for droids.

IG-11 showed some serious fire power during battle in Chapter 1, which would have made them a duo to be reckoned with. I doubt this is the last we’ll see of droids in this show, but I am pouring one out for you this morning, IG-11. We will miss you.

Please don’t leave, you’re Kuiiling me

Next, we have to discuss Nick Nolte’s character, Kuiil. What an incredible moment. For me, Kuiil was the highlight of this episode, and it appears that his character has reached its ending point. The “I have spoken” line will surely be “spoken” around the water coolers for the next several weeks.

Kuiil not only embarks on a mission to retrieve the parts stripped by the Jawas, but he also repairs Mando’s ship. What does he ask for in return? Nothing other than a simple “thank you” for returning peace to his valley. For a bounty hunter who lives mission to mission and check to check, I expect that Kuiil’s generosity and friendship will have a lasting impact on the Mandalorian moving forward. We will miss you, Kuiil.

The return of Jawas and Tatooine?

Speaking of planet, do the return of Jawas confirm that we are currently on the planet Tatooine? Personally, unlike Rogue One, I love how The Mandalorian does not show the name of the planets and keeps everything to the vest. Everything is a mystery so far in this show, which only keeps us guessing scene to scene. Big fan.

Now let’s talk about positives. During our Suit Up podcast last week, we discussed the Baby Yoda reveal. Most notably, we were excited for if and when we would see The Force arriving in The Mandalorian. Most of us agreed that it would occur towards the latter part of the season in a big reveal. Boy were we wrong, and I couldn’t be any happier.

In order to obtain the parts needed to repair his ship, Mando and the Jawas agree to a trade that has our main character battling a beast that appears similar to a rhinoceros in order to obtain an egg. While on his final leg during battle, Baby Yoda uses a Force Lift on the rhino to protect Mando. As the rhino drops to the ground, Mando stabs the beast with his knife and survives. Exhausted from The Force, Baby Yoda falls asleep for the remainder of Chapter 2.

(Can we also talk briefly about my previous statement regarding The Mandalorian acting like an RPG video game? We now have side missions, people! I freaking love this show)

Jawas are certainly some of the cutest creatures in Star Wars. What did they want from that egg? To cut it open and eat the orange substances on the inside. Watching them dance around with the orange goo like they were dancing at a rave was hilarious.

What does the First Order want from Baby Yoda?

Some quick thoughts about Baby Yoda. We now know that Baby Yoda has two Force powers. Force Sensitivity, which was seen during the scene while trying to heal Mando, and Force Lift. What other powers do you expect to see from Baby Yoda? Pretty impressive if you ask me, considering this Baby Yoda hasn’t even done any kind of training.

Second, I can’t even imagine the amount of merchandise that Baby Yoda is going to do in the toy world. Baby Yoda should be the number one wanted toy during Christmas time. I’m already searching on Amazon for a plush doll, which would fit perfectly alongside baby C-3PO. Baby Groot used to be the greatest toy of all time. Now it’s Baby Yoda. Disney just keeps making money.

Lastly, what does the First Order want from Baby Yoda? My first thought is that the First Order wants to use the DNA from Baby Yoda in order to clone an army or long life. Could this tie in to Palpatine during The Rise of Skywalker? I have so many questions.

Mando and Baby Yoda, friends forever…

One of the highlights of this show came from the interaction between Mando and Baby Yoda. In one scene, Baby Yoda clearly attempts to heal Mando’s wound after protecting him from some desert people. As expected, Mando is not prepared to reciprocate that gratitude and shuts down any kind of affection. The relationship between Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian will certainly take center stage during future episodes.

Which brings us to our next question, which I asked in my previous review. Are we sure that Mando is a real Mandalorian? After the first two episodes, I am beginning to firmly believe that our Mando was not actually from Mandalore. Mando clearly has a soft side to him, and everything points Mando becoming a father figure for Baby Yoda.

At the end of the episode, we see Baby Yoda wake up from his exhaustion as Mando and Baby Yoda have left the planet and are on the move yet again. Where are they headed? Chapter 3 couldn’t be here soon enough.

My Grade – 9.5/10

Chapter 2 not only gives us some breathtaking action sequences, but it ups the ante with some high quality character development and a massive Force reveal! Mando is about to face a major decision in Chapter 3. Does Mando deliver the asset as planned? Do we find out the true motivations behind The First Order and Baby Yoda? Fantastic episode through and through and my body is ready for more.