Jack (@JackConnellTPL) and Deibs (@mrcrockpot) do a spoiler heavy discussion on “Chapter 2” of The Mandalorian! Audio and video are below!

Discussion topics include…

  • What were your top takeaways and favorite moments from Chapter 2 of The Mandalorian?
  • Were you surprised that we saw The Force so soon?
  • The Jawas were great, but does that confirm that we are on the planet Tatooine?
  • How would you grade Chapter 2?
  • Was it disappointing that Chapter 2 was only 32 minutes long?
  • Which Force power should we expect next from Baby Yoda?
  • What does the First Order want from Baby Yoda?
  • Are we positive that Mando is a real Mandalorian?
  • Expectations and predictions for Chapter 3

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