Hodgepodge episode #2! Dave (@dpfective) & Chris (@mrcrockpot) talk a buffet of topics from the MasterChef finale, new TV series to watch out for, The Dark Crystal & the upcoming Joker film

What’s on Tap?

  • We deep dive into the MasterChef finale (@ 3:33)
  • Were any of our favorite contestants left out of the top 3? (@ 13:40)
  • What would Chris’ audition dish be on MasterChef? (@ 17:13)
  • Favorite Subha moments (@ 19:37)
  • Dave gives his top 3 pilots to watch out for, while Chris makes an attempt (@ 22:22)
  • Chris gives his take on The Dark Crystal, sort of… but do a deep dive into Chris’ bizarre TV habits (@ 40:55)
  • Dave explains why The Joker is an overrated villain and why Lex Luthor should be the top rated villain in the comics (@ 48:30)
  • Chris explains why Dave is dead wrong and why The Joker would defeat Lex Luthor in 1v1 combat (@ 50:56)
  • Dave’s love for sympathetic villains in the comics like Kingpin, Thanos and Ultron (@ 54:00)

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