The latest episode of The Clone Wars perfectly sets up the last four episodes of the series. Episode 8 puts season 7 back on track with its best episode of the season. How does it grade out? What were the top moments? FULL SPOILERS AHEAD

“You can change who you are, but you cannot run from yourself”

Oh man what an episode! While the last couple of quotes were very Rafa-centric, this week cuts straight to Ahsoka Tano. A great chunk of the plot during these last few episodes has centered on the Martez sisters on the run from the Pyke family. However, the overarching plot has been about Ahsoka discovering who she is and what she wants to be. I haven’t been the biggest fan of the current arc or the Martez sisters, but this episode features some excellent reveals and sets up an incredible final arc of the series.

Episode eight, titled Together Again, immediately begins with Rafa’s stubbornness and denial that she had any fault in becoming imprisoned. Rafa uses Ahsoka’s good heartedness against her and continues to blame Ahsoka for what happened and for putting tension between her and her sister. Ahsoka identifies that attempting to find reason or logic with Rafa is a quick dead end and decides to make a bargain with the Pyke family.

“I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse…”

Ahsoka’s new deal with the Pykes certainly raises the stakes on herself and the Martez sisters. Everything is on the line to bring back the spice that Trace dumped from the ship a couple of episodes ago. A major reveal here comes at the end that Darth Maul not only knows about the missing spice shipment but will also kill the Pyke family for any sign of wrongdoing. We’ve yet to see Maul in season eight but that will all change very, very soon.

The sisters leave the planet while the Mandalorians from episode 7 watch from a distance. They quickly observe Ahsoka’s absence and attempt to identify her plan. Returning back to the prison, Ahsoka uses her Force powers to escape her cell and goes full Splinter Cell to steal some spice to repay the Pykes. She sneaks into the manufacturing plant to plant explosives in different areas of the factory. A huge reveal comes from Ahsoka seeing Darth Maul for the first time. The Sith Lord is seemingly working with the Pykes as the leader of the criminal organization Crimson Dawn.


This is certainly no shock but it was still fun to see the much-anticipated Darth Maul reveal. We’ve known since season five that Darth Maul has been working in the shadows with the Pykes. It was also revealed in Solo: A Star Wars Story that Maul was working behind the scenes with some of the crime syndicates. Judging by her reaction, Ahsoka clearly knew who Darth Maul was. She very likely knew of his existence from listening to stories from Obi-Wan and Anakin.

Shortly after Ahsoka identifies the presence of Mandalore with the spice shipments, she is soon captured by the Pykes. Meanwhile, Rafa attempts a new plan of her own to steal spice from the Pykes in order to make a trade for Ahsoka’s life. That plan quickly goes off the rails and we’re treated to an impressive fight scene between Rafa and a spice manager. I’ve not been the biggest fan of Rafa to date, but she certainly proved herself here by fighting off the Bossk and saving her sister. This was easily Rafa’s best moment of the season.

Trace Martez finally gets her moment to shine…

The Martez sisters return to the planet with spice to exchange it for Ahsoka’s life. With Ahsoka captured, they quickly learn about Ahsoka’s past history with the Jedi and the Pykes order the three to be killed. Surrounded by the Pykes, Ahsoka sets off the explosives she set in the factory and they escape to their ship. Trace has always aspired to be a pilot and she finally got her moment to shine in. They escape the Pykes with the Mandalorians trailing closely behind.

The trio return to where it all started and Coruscant has never looked so beautiful. The Martez sisters confront Ahsoka about her past with the Jedi. “You might not think of yourself as a Jedi, but you act like one,” says Rafa to Ahsoka. In a rather sweet moment, the Martez sisters thank Ahsoka for her help in dealing with the Pykes. This could have easily been the end of the episode but it doesn’t end there.

Bo-Katan reveal! It’s all happening!

The Mandalorians finally reveal themselves and it’s the one and only Bo-Katan! Bo-Katan states that they have a common enemy in Darth Maul and requests Ahsoka’s assistance to join them. “Go. It’s what you’re meant to do,” says Rafa to Ahsoka, who is afraid that this new path may lead her to rejoining the Jedi. This four-episode arc has always been about Ahsoka’s character arc and that comes to an end as she finally accepts her destiny and who she is: a Jedi.

Ahsoka joins Bo-Katan’s ship and they leave Coruscant and the Martez sisters behind. We don’t yet know the plot, but I do want to touch on Darth Maul’s reveal a little bit. It seems that the events that are to transpire take place following Son of Dathomir, therefore how does Maul have power over the Pykes?

The canon seems a little iffy. Why would the Pykes be working with Darth Maul if they left the Shadow Collective? I concede that Dave Filoni knows a lot more than me. I’m not going to use this against what was otherwise a phenomenal episode. This episode really moved the needle forward not only for Ahsoka but for the season as well.

Final Thoughts & Grade

We’re finally off to Mandalore and I couldn’t be more excited. I was honestly a little concerned that the previous four episodes was too much filler and not enough Ahsoka Tano. Was I a little too harsh on the Martez sisters? I have not been their biggest fan and in my opinion, the show took a dip in quality. I have to be honest. You didn’t need four episodes for this arc with the Martez sisters and some of it felt like a waste.

I’m only upset because there aren’t many episodes left. If season 7 was 20+ episodes than I would be more than welcome the Martez sisters into Ahsoka’s character development. However, this isn’t the case as we’re in the final season with just 4 episodes left. We’re in Game of Thrones season 8 territory here. I’m just venting that season 7 is so short and we’ve barely scratched the surface with Obi-Wan or Anakin. Regardless, episode 8 was an excellent farewell and an exciting hello to Darth Maul and Bo-Katan preparing for the upcoming Siege of Mandalore.

Some quick advice to Ahsoka Tano: please just leave the speeder bike behind. The Clone Wars does not need more anymore of the Martez sisters. Thank you.

My Grade: 9/10

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