Ahsoka and the Martez sisters find themselves imprisoned and attempt to escape the dangerous Pyke family. What were the highlights? What were the top takeaways? Heavy spoilers ahead!

“Who you were does not have to define who you are”

This week’s quote seems to cut straight to Rafa’s arc and her poor financial decision making. There is a circular nature about this quote and the events that proceed in this episode follow suit. The Martez sisters repeatedly escape their cell and fight the Pykes only to eventually return to their prison cell. The lesson: there is no escape from a life of making deals with the Pyke family.

The episode begins with Rafa and Trace explaining that their parents were killed from the aftermath of a conflict involving the Jedi. This was hands down the most interesting aspect since the beginning of this arc. It was very emotional and honestly brought up more questions than answers. In my opinion, Star Wars is at it’s best when diving face first into these gray areas and it was very effective. It was a moment that brought up more questions than answers.

Nobody puts Ahsoka in a corner…

Why do Trace and Rafa keep their distance from the Jedi? Who were Trace and Rafa’s parents? Who was the Jedi in dark robes with light green skin? This was the first taste of Rafa and Trace’s backstory since the first episode of the second arc when we learn of their distrust of the Jedi Council. Rafa mentioned a Jedi in dark robes with penetrating eyes and light green skin approached her following her parent’s death. “I had to make a choice. The Force will be with you” says the Jedi as Rafa and Trace are abandoned and left to question the motives of the Jedi for the foreseeable future.

The Jedi they were speaking of is Luminara Unduli. Luminara is a Mirialan Jedi Master who is eventually captured and executed during Order 66. We’ve even seen her in film during Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Luminara was one of the most respected yet nearsighted Jedi among the Jedi Council. She was among those that blamed Ahsoka for the bombing of the Jedi Temple. The culprit eventually turned out to be Luminara’s apprentice and ultimately led to Ahsoka abandoning the Jedi.

Is this arc about Ahsoka or the Martez Sisters?

This was a really good moment that pushed the arc of the Martez sisters forward. However, was it really necessary? Are we just wasting time here? This arc was supposed to be a coming of age story centering on Ahsoka Tano. The same thing happened during the first arc of season seven. I was shocked when Rex and Echo took a backseat to the Bad Batch. Is it fair to be a little upset that the Martez sisters are taking too much development away from Ahsoka’s storyline? I definitely think so. Ahsoka is destined for great things and so far all we’ve seen are two sisters on the run from the Pykes. It’s not good enough and Ahsoka deserves better.

Ahsoka’s attempt to reason with Rafa quickly goes south as she continues to blame everyone but herself on how they were captured. “You dumped the spice,” says Rafa to Trace. “We wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t taken the job with the Pykes.” You can’t profit for other people’s suffering” says Ahsoka as Rafa and Trace are eventually taken to be tortured. I called Rafa the new Jar Jar Binks during my last episode review and so far it’s been spot on. Rafa thinks only of herself and it’s honestly just taking time away for Ahsoka to truly shine.

One doesn’t simply imprison the Great Ahsoka…

With Ahsoka on her own, she then uses her Jedi powers to escape her cell and proceeds to take down multiple alien gangsters to rescue Rafa and Trace. Despite the fact that Ahsoka nearly gets the sisters to safety, Rafa tells Trace to abandon Ahsoka when there is a large gap between safety and an incoming squad of gangsters. These past three episodes have clearly been setting up some kind of sacrifice made from Rafa during the last episode of the second arc.

The biggest tease of the episode came when Rafa and Trace cross paths with a cloaked Mandalorian. We eventually see three Mandalorians observing on top of a building as Ahsoka runs to safety and Rafa and Trace are captured. “What is she doing here? Her presence could jeopardize everything” says the Mandalorians. The trio clearly know Ahsoka’s true identity but more importantly spoke of a common enemy. Who could that be? The one and only Darth Maul of course!

I have a fever… and the only prescription… is more Ahsoka Tano…

Ahsoka’s plan to rescue Rafa and Trace again goes south as the team is captured and return to the prison cell where it all began. This arc has really dived into asking: who is Ahsoka without the Jedi Council? “That’s just who I am” says Ahsoka when talking to Rafa about always wanting to help others. This arc has done a good job of making it very clear of Ahsoka’s morals and good standing. Just prior from the credit roll, Rafa finally admits to Ahsoka and Trace of her wrongdoing. In mature fashion, Ahsoka approaches a defeated Rafa and says, “We live and learn.”

There were some negatives to this week’s episode. First, this arc needs to be more fleshed out. Ahsoka deserves significant more time on the small screen and I’m worried that it’s being inappropriately wasted and going to be cut short. I had huge expectations for the last season of The Clone Wars and Ahsoka’s arc. Ahsoka is one of the best characters in the Star Wars-verse and I feel like these last three episodes have not given this amazing character justice. This arc was supposed to focus on Ahsoka discovering her independence and greatness. So far it simply hasn’t delivered.

Final Thoughts & Grade

Was this a bad episode? Absolutely not. In my opinion, it was actually more entertaining and moved the sisters arc further than the previous two episodes. But season seven was supposed to be Ahsoka’s time to shine and it has fallen flat. The highlight of the episode came during the first few minutes when the Martez sisters were explaining how their parents were lost. Following the reveal of their backstory, the rest of the episode was rather pointless and much like the other two episodes, disappointing. Come on Dave Filoni, Ahsoka deserves better.

My Grade: 6.5/10

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