Episode five of The Clone Wars was all about The Return of Ahsoka Tano. How did episode five stack up? What were the highlights? FULL SPOILERS AHEAD

What where the best moments and top takeaways from the first arc of The Clone Wars? Check it out below!

The Return of Ahsoka Tano

Voiced by Ashley Eckstein, Ahsoka is a Togruta female who is strong in the Force, groomed as Anakin’s Padawan and doesn’t give a damn about tradition. She has always been an outcast who has struggled to find her place. Regardless, Ahsoka has always stood her ground for what is right which is something we see immediately during episode 5. Ahsoka and Darth Maul are hands down my favorite characters and these two are a significant reason why the animated series has reigned supreme over the films in the Star Wars universe.

“If there is no path before you, create your own”

It’s finally time for Ahsoka to take center stage in season 7 of The Clone Wars. Gone with a Trace begins with an extremely Ahsoka Tano quote to start the episode. If you remember, Ahsoka Tano rejected the offer to return to the Jedi Order and opted to live her life outside of Jedi demands. Episode 5 starts off immediately following the events of Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Order. We all know that Ahsoka is destined for great things down the road. But it’s now time for Ahsoka to decide what she wants rather than be told by the Jedi.

Ahsoka befriends a mechanic and aspiring pilot named Trace Martez, voiced by Brigitte Kali, who helps her repair her speeder bike in the underworld of Coruscant. Next we meet Rafa, Martez’s sister and voiced by Elizabeth Rodriguez. Rafa and Martez are under financial stress and owe a shady character named Pintu Son-El a good deal of money. Rafa agrees to Pintu’s request, which is to repurpose demolition droids that are typically prone to violence.

Have the Jedi abandoned the people of Coruscant?

Trace Martez offers an interesting opinion on Jedi, as she believes it was the Jedi who started The Clone Wars and have abandoned the people of Coruscant. The Jedi have always had these grand battles with the Sith all across the galaxy. But what about the people? What about those struggling to make ends meet? This was easily the most interesting aspect from episode 5 and needs to be further fleshed out as the arc progresses.

Ahsoka builds a quick and easy friendship with Trace and Rafa, who both dream of a better life away from the scum of Coruscant. Trace and Rafa as characters were pretty interesting, but honestly not as memorable as Task Force 99. They have potential, but I think the dynamic between Trace and Ahsoka is going to be the most interesting moving forward. The episode ends as the two friends head back to the shop to repair Ahsoka’s speeder bike. They clearly have a deep connection.

Watching Ahoska chase down a demolition droid running amuck was another highlight of the episode. This was a fun and inventive way to explore the underworld of Coruscant, which hasn’t really been explored. Watching Ahsoka use her Jedi powers to save Trace and the droid was excellent. Rafa sells the droids and pays off her debt to Pintu, however I am confident this isn’t the last time we see this shady character in season 7.

Final Thoughts & Grade

Ahsoka is freaking back and I loved every bit of it. While I will certainly miss Rex and The Bad Batch, this was a great appetizer of what’s to come for Ahsoka’s arc. I have no doubt that we’ll see Ahsoka Tano become more and more involved with Rafa’s poor decision making and involvement with the scum of Coruscant. Similar to how Rex and Anakin were identical in their mannerisms during the first arc, Ahsoka and Rafa have more in common that you might think. They are both brash, opinionated and trying to find their place.

The animation and score by Kevin Kiner was again, truly excellent. I’ve raved over and over again on our Suit Up Podcast about the animation and tone of season 7. They both really shined here in episode 5. Bottomline, it’s time for Ahsoka to finally learn who she is and what she wants. This is something that I could not be more excited about.

Grade: 7.6/10

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