Episode four of The Clone Wars gave us a proper sendoff between Rex and Echo. How did episode four stack up? What were the best moments? FULL SPOILERS AHEAD

Episode four, titled Unfinished Business, gave us Star Wars nerds a much beefier episode this week. Unlike last week’s 18-minute episode, we got the full 24-minute treatment that throws us directly into a conference meeting alongside Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Echo seems in full control at the start of the episode, but the question remains: Is Echo a liability for the Republic? Where do his loyalties lie?

But let’s start with the highlight of episode four. We finally get our first glimpse of Anakin Skywalker at the brink of madness. Dressed all in black, watching Anakin take down the droids and cut off Admiral Trench’s tentacles was downright glorious. We’re finally seeing Anakin’s rage on the small screen and the moment was extremely effective. Anakin thrusts his lightsaber into Admiral Trench and kills him without hesitation. This is the closest we’ve seen Anakin to the Dark Side and I loved every second of it.

More about the clones than the Jedi…

Between Anakin in episode three and Mace Windu in episode four, it’s not surprising that this season of The Clone Wars has given fans some great Jedi moments vs the droid army. With Windu and Kenobi surrounded, Echo infiltrates the droid’s circuity and wins the trust of his peers. As I expected in my episode three review, Admiral Trench utilizes Echo’s ability to intervene signals and sets a trap for Mace Windu and the rest of his team.

Last week I claimed Wrecker as the strongest member of Clone Force 99 and episode four continued to deliver the goods. “Please can we blow something up,” says Wrecker only 4 minutes into the episode. Absolutely hilarious. Watching Wrecker completely mind blown from Crosshair taking down a dozen droids with one shot was another moment I’ll surely never forget. Wrecker, you’re my best friend. Wait for it, this scene pays off at the end…

“This is the happiest day of my life,” says Wrecker as Anakin gives him the kill switch to blow up the base. Unexpectedly, there was no showdown between Echo and Captain Rex. Instead, Echo decides that his place is among Clone Force 99. Echo has always been an outsider, just like each member of the Bad Batch. Watching Rex say his goodbye as he salutes Echo for the final time was an emotional rush.

Is anyone else surprised at how much clones have taken center stage during this last season of The Clone Wars?

Between Captain Rex and the Bad Batch, I’m a bit surprised at how little Anakin has been involved during these first four episodes. The biggest takeaway I have, so far this season, is that the clones have taken center stage. I’m not saying Anakin didn’t steal the show last week because he did (force push vs the droid tripod), but are the clones not the Hobbits of the Star Wars-verse? They have certainly earned their place in the Republic. In the words of Aragorn, you bow to no one.

With so many Star Wars films and TV series in development, I would be 100% on board with a Clone Force 99 live action series featuring Wrecker, Echo and the rest of the squad. Their character development is that good here and well deserving of a spin-off series. They’re not only effective soldiers, but they all have unique skillsets and chemistry that is begging to be further explored. When you think about it, this arc was more about the Bad Batch than the dynamic between Rex and Echo.

What were the negatives of episode four?

And then we get into my problems with the episode. If there are any complaints here, it’s that this four episode arc played it too safe between Echo and Rex. During the last two episodes, we barely explored their past and dynamic together. I thought for sure we’d see some sort emotional and physical confrontation between Echo and Rex during this week’s episode. The sendoff for Echo was very effective, no doubt. But I would have love to have seen a Bucky vs Steve Rogers from Winter Soldier moment this week, but it didn’t happen. We move on.

Back to the highlight of the episode, which was watching Anakin unleash his fury vs Admiral Trench. This is something I really hope season 7 continues to explore as the season progresses. I’d really love to see Anakin take a deep dive into the Dark Side and confront these issues head on during these next few episodes. I think episode four was the appetizer of things to come for The Clones Wars. You have to be excited about that.

Final Thoughts & Grade

Another strong episode for season 7 of The Clone Wars. The emotional sendoff between Echo and Clone Force 99 and Anakin getting a taste of the Dark Side was memorable. Did the writers play it a little too safe with Echo and Rex? Probably. Regardless, I have a confession to make. I have a fever, and the only prescription… is more Ahsoka Tano. Please deliver Ahsoka during the second arc of season 7 Dave Filoni. I’ll be forever grateful.

Grade: 7.8/10

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