It’s Captain Rex’s world and we’re just living in it. Rex is the major focal point again during episode two, who just oozes character development in “A Distant Echo.”  Captain Rex is clearly dealing with the loss of his friend and Echo’s potential return. How does episode two stack up? Tons and tons of foreshadowing in episode two! FULL SPOILERS AHEAD!

“The search for truth begins with belief.”

Rebellions are built on hope, something Rex deals with throughout the duration of the episode. There is no secret intel to gather in this one. Instead, we see Captain Rex follow his gut and attempt to save his brother during a rescue mission. Episode two picks up right after where The Bad Batch left off with our favorite clone trooper Captain Rex taking center stage.

Anakin and Padme had very little screen time in episode two but it was very memorable. The scene of Captain Rex protecting Anakin and Padme’s romance from Obi-Wan was both fantastic and terribly depressing at the same time. This scene was gut wrenching, but it’s a reminder of the tragedy to come and really shines some light of character development between the two. Despite being a clone, Rex and Anakin have a lot of similarities that we will get into later.

Wake up Anakin…

Watching Padme hold her stomach with both arms while talking to Anakin was a bit much. I understand that Anakin never knew of the pregnancy and Padme kept it hidden. Anakin not being able to tell that Padme was pregnant in this scene showed just how confused he was during this time period. Personally, I’ve been married for 5 years and I understand men have difficulty reading signals from women. However, she was clearly trying to tell Anakin the news and he completely missed it.

As stated earlier, Captain Rex clearly knew of their Anakin and Padme’s romance and did his best to protect it. Following the conversation, we see Anakin talk to Obi-Wan Kenobi outside of the hanger. I couldn’t help but think of the events that will shortly follow on Mustafar between the two. Knowing where these two characters are about to go, this scene was really hard to watch. As Rex and Anakin leave the hanger, Obi-Wan reveals that he knows about the romance.

Just a thought before we go further: the tone of season 7 couldn’t be more perfect. The heavy amount of foreshadowing so far through two episodes has been both beautiful and tragic at the same time. Back to today’s mission, it was really rather simple: retrieve Echo and bring him home. While Clone Force 99 and Anakin were present, this was the Captain Rex show.

Formulaically, episode two was very familiar to episode one…

This time around however, Anakin joins the squad and has several very important moments with Echo dealing with separating the mission from his own, personal emotions. Emotion clouding judgement is something Anakin obviously struggles with and watching Anakin, knowing what’s ahead for his character, mentor a clone about harnessing emotions was really well done and smart.

The Clone Wars delivers the goods, revealing that Echo is in fact alive inside a stasis chamber. Echo’s character has been clearly altered, featuring two metal legs that was eerily similar to what we saw from Darth Maul’s revival. Watching Rex hold onto Echo as he retells the events before he nearly died at the Citadel was heartbreaking. Echo eventually recognizes his brother and the episode ends.

Episode three will clearly deal with Rex, Echo, Anakin and Clone Force 99 escaping from Wat Tambor and his droid army. Will Echo’s mind be the tool that gives them the advantage over the Separatists? Episode 3 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will air on Disney+ on March 6th.

Final Thoughts

I have to say it. The Clone Wars Anakin is so much better than movie Anakin. In the show, Anakin is wise, compassionate and a very good leader. In the films, Anakin possesses absolutely none of those qualities. It’s amazing to me that despite how powerful Anakin is and will become in the very near future, he’s by far the least perceptive person in the galaxy.

“A Distant Echo” is a reminder just how far the small screen has run laps around the films in terms of character development. The banter and camaraderie between the main characters is just much more effective here than it is in the films. I wish the concept of clones having their own unique personalities and desires was explored on the big screen. It’s such an interesting story and another reminder that Star Wars films need to do better.

My Grade 7.5/10

Another strong episode from The Clone Wars here. Dave Filoni continues to show why he is the King of Star Wars in terms of character development and understanding how to make characters interesting. I didn’t pick up any references or easter eggs to The Mandalorian in this episode. Overall, not a good as the first episode but still a strong entry to season 7. Is it March 6th yet?

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