This week’s episode was all about “food.” We’ll get to the explanation about the parentheses in a minute. First, a side note: don’t watch this while you’re hungry like I did. 



Burger Wars

This episode begins what seems will be the focal point of the rest of the season: a plant based burger war between Randy’s Tegridy Burger and a company called Incredible Meat’s goo burger.

The conflict originates at South Park Elementary, where Cartman has a heart attack when he’s told that the girls have convinced the school to go Vegan. After returning from the hospital, still in his hospital gown, Eric loses his mind again about Wendy and the girls protesting the decision to switch back to meat-based lunches in order to keep Eric “healthy.” He has another heart attack and is revived in the same manner. Both scenes of Eric flipping off Wendy in the back of an ambulance would have been the highlight of the episode if it weren’t for MVP Randy Marsh coming through again. 

The Real MVP

Randy holds a family meeting to come up with ways to replace the money lost from ending the Tegridy sales in China. Despite his wife Sharon’s totally reasonable recommendation of cancelling his commercials and parades through town, Randy takes Towelie’s advice and the pair decide to sell their excess product as fertilizer. 


However, on the way there, Randy stops at a Burger King and tries the new impossible burger. The burger is entirely plant based, and although Randy says it tastes terrible, it gives him the idea to start selling a Tegridy burger. The burger soon takes over the town and runs up against Incredible Meat who have been tasked with providing food for the school. 

Go Goo Go

Eric, who doesn’t know about the incredible meat at school, unknowingly eats and enjoys it on Taco Tuesday. This scene is another highlight, because the whole school is quite literally holding their breath hoping he likes it. After he doesn’t realize the difference, Mr. Mackey’s “oh thank God” is probably the line of the episode. Eric, after being informed by Butters, comes to the realization that he likes the goo meat because “it’s all processed crap.” The irony here is brilliant. It flips the girls’ vegan revolution on its head by showing they are essentially eating the same thing as before, except without real meat. 

The Mysterious Goo Man of Incredible Meat soon fires back at Randy by having a farmer dump all his cows on Randy’s weed farm. Here we see the best development of this season in action, namely the Randy and Towelie relationship. The two get stoned and then shoot all the cows. This absurd scene was hands down the best of the episode. However, The Goo Man and the Burger King record the events at Tegridy farms and cause the town to turn on Randy. 

This episode left me looking forward to what is to come and provided a nice setup for the underlying story for the season. 


Joe’s Totally Important Ultra-Special Rating- 6.5/10