This South Park episode was a little heavy on gross-out humor. If that’s not for you, I suggest you look away. If not, well buckle up. 





In this week’s episode, Kyle’s mom Sheila is diagnosed with C-diff, and she has to undergo a fecal transplant to cure it – a fecal transplant being exactly what it sounds like. 

Kyle and his brother Ike try desperately to not let anyone know about this, but Sheila can’t stop telling everyone how great it made her feel. Kyle watches a video entitled “so your mom had a fecal transplant.” There’s a great line from the video that is depicted in the tweet below. The video teaches Kyle about microbiomes and how there are millions of things living inside him, which freaks him out. 

Call of the Jedi

The rest of the South Park mothers get jealous of Shelia’s new health and attitude and want to get their own transplants…from Sheila. Yeah, it went down that road. One of them, Harriet, tries to bribe Kyle to steal his mom’s poop by offering the new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game. Yup. Kyle refuses, but the rest of the boys just can’t wait until Christmas to play that game. 

In an absurd scene, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny go into Kyle’s basement and set up a bucket below the pipe. Their plan is to do exactly what you think it is. The boys succeed, and word reaches Mr. Mackey. 

“The Spice”

Mackey promises them all their own individual copy of Fallen Order if they obtain “The Spice.” This is a microbiome from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. We have a cut to another great scene where Tom Brady is at a press conference where all of the reporters are asking for his poop. 

The boys then set out on their mission to get “The Spice,” dressing Kenny as a dying child in order to get to meet Tom Brady. Kyle suddenly arrives, apparently as the chosen one possessed by his microbiome. He finds Tom Brady’s hidden supply of “The Spice” as he apparently can’t flush it anymore because his pipes kept getting broken into. 

Meanwhile, Harriet and the other ladies’ plan backfires, as they and half of the town come down with C-diff. Luckily, “The Spice” the boys get from Tom Brady is used to cure the town. 


This was pretty classic South Park, which seems to be a recurring theme this season. Gross-out humor and lampooning a famous celebrity. It seems like after some rather different seasons where there was a serialized arc, the series has returned to a more episodic format and has returned to their calling cards. This episode won’t be for everyone because of its grossness, but overall a solid episode. 


Joe’s Totally Important Ultra-Special Rating- 7/10